Vector institute chennai coaching centre is not refunding the money

I attended the coaching class for pursuing the "embedded course" at Vector institute, I paid 24,000rs(hald of the course fees) ,total fees is 48,000rs, Embedded class was started on 1.2.2016 and i joined on 9.2.2016 and continued class till 1st week of march 2016 and since i couldn’t continue the class because i was working in a company in chennai. i informed them that i will join after relieving from the job, but i had an opportunity to work in abroad, so i came to Bahrain and i informed vector institute to refund the money for the remaining class, but they are telling that they cant refund, i agreed and asked them to allow my friend to study at their institute using the amount i paid 24,000rs.
Currently i request you to do the following,
1) ask the vector to refund the remaining amount after deducting for classes attended
2) if refund is not possible, ask them to allow my friend to join embedded class using the amount i paid, remaining amount will be paid by my friend.
I request you to please do the needful for this issues, attached the email conversation i had with vector institute for your kind reference.
Please contact me through:
[email protected]
+973 32377521

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