Veterinary doctor Pregnant goat died; Irresponsibility of doctor

Respected Sir/Mam

I would like to bring your attention towards irresponsible attitude followed by the veterinary doctor of Govt. Hospital in KALLUVATHUKKAL of Kollam dist. in Kerala.
My pregnant goat was biten by stray dog a week ago. When I called doctor he sent his assistant & he gave some injections & said no problem to goat.
After a week (20-12-2017) the health condition of it became worse. When I called the doctor at morning 10.30am, he said that he can’t come now. I called him again & again but he didn’t attend the call.
Sadly the pregnant Goat died at noon because of the Irresponsibility of this doctor.
So many people have various complaints against him. I am representing everyone & submitting complaint to you. So sir please take necessary action against him.
Value of life is same for human as well as animal. If you give value to a life.please take some action against him.
Details of doctor:

Senior veterinary surgon
Veterinary hospital

Ph : 70125 48806
82898 14105


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