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On 16-5-19 I hade a applied for 2 years visitor visa for Uk by the reference of invite letter from my firm which is in Uk cheshire. Its for the purpose of training and business meetings. On 22-5-19 I walked in with all my details in to VFS centre submitted all my docs. But the unprofessional tellers in VFS have missed the some part of docs that where equally important to be scanned as the others resulting in refusal of visa from uk visa and immigration department on the reasons of ‘Strong ties with india ‘and my ‘intentions are not correct to visit there country’ whih is i believe my parents adhar card which supports my strong ties with my country which i have also furnished in the application and i cant just believe they told that my intentions of visit was not right which is actually being supported by firm invite letter. We had a refusal last year too but the reason was factful and correct and we accepted our faults, but these time it was all VFS unprofessional team. Tellers talking to each other while scanning the docs. I am seeing even our government doesn’t have the least commonsense to put a body between the VFS global team and UK visa and immigration department, iam just wondering are you guys are not looking in to these people horrible experiences. Does the government of India will give me the opportunity to travel to uk which is a bit rare in my field. These is unacceptable. I am seeing both VFS global and UK immigration & visa department is making fun of us with our genuine applications .what is Ministry of External Affairs doing.
I do have complained these to the Priminister of UK through these url mentioned below but I got the same response as expected from Mr Nebel (UK Visa and Immigration department) he has just copy pasted a format saying ‘ As you know that there is no right of appeal and administrative review’ and please go through the appendix and bla bla bla. From the mail I received on 16-7-19 iam sure that he has never looked in to the docs or facts he has received or either financial status or either my status of application.


I hope Ministry of visa and immigration department and Ministry of External Affairs will act on these ASAP and provide me justice.

Please find my details below:
Details: Applicant Name: Gurukiran Tantri
GWF Number: GWF052129060
PASSPORT Number: S3338933
Email: [email protected] Contanct Number: + ############

Gurukiran Tantri

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