Vidal health Completion of the formalities regarding claim settlement

I have a policy with vidal with number ending 0002747.
I got admitted to Deepak hospital from 27th oct 2017 to 31st oct 2017. This hospital run by Dr. Shivakumar H N. Very well known & respectable in this town, district. I have sent in all the possible documents from the hospital to vidal healthcare claim. All the tests that the hosputal has done is valid with proof under the supervision of the above surgeon.
Each time i am called from vidal on a shortfall of documents. Now the surgeon has self authorized his signature on the special letter that he has sent to vidal.
I am hereby enclosing the letter and handing it over to vidal in a personally addressed letter from my surgeon. He has stated that he has done every possible solution to the problem in hand. He had operated me for 4 successive days in the hosoital in the OPERATION THREATRE. Now he cannot afford any more of queries from vidal.
Now the question is. Am I going get my claim ontime or should i stop this connection with vidal. How long is the surgeon going to answer single queries from vidal.
I therefore am complaining on this procedural issue of vidal. Following which i can decide to discontinue this connection between us. Please stop this single query torture to us & the surgeon.

Chetan k s

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