Vidal health insurance claim Completion of the formalities regarding claim settlement

I got admitted to Deepak hospital for 5 Days and produced all original documents to vidal healthcare insurance for my claim. But vidal is responding with single question queries.
I am thinking of closing the connection with vidal incase the procedures. My surgeon Dr. Shivakumar H N. wellknown in bangalore for his seriousness at work. He has done all the operation with a lot of experience. Now we are expecting the claim as per his experience says.
Incase there is any issue, then vidal should inform us in advance about the issues or tie ups. But the call centre is not answering any of their issue in telling that they are not able to reimburse the claim.
This can also create a connection issue between us. I dont know where they get their doubts from. But they are not able to make up for the claim. Since they dont tell us anything, i am raising an issue. Also my surgeon is tired of answering their questions.
My policy no ends in CL-0002747.
Chetan k s

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