Videocon 5 year free comprehensive warranty

I purchased a 32 inch Videocon TV as per diwali offer norms published in TOI newspaper dated Oct 31 2015. I choose mentioned retailer ie pirgal electronics and from them I purchased my TV on 01 Nov 2015. On 23 Apr 2018 I registered for tv service thinking I am covered under their 5 year warranty but then to my surprise i came to know
1. TV sold to me is a 2 year old model ie month/year 092013 instead of 2015 (01/11/2015 date of purchase).if they would have sold the TV of 2015 manufacturing model then I would have definitely got the 2 year default extended warranty.
2. As per the offer I am supposed to get 5 year warranty as during purchase of TV retailer told me that in warranty card only 1 year warranty comes and extended warranty will be applied automatically when you go for installation from Videocon.
I have the purchase bill , TOI news paper offer cutting which has diwali offer terms and condition of 5 year warranty condition that TV has to be purchased between 10 oct15 – 15 nov15 and I have purchased my TV within that range only ie on 01 nov15.i have Warranty card of 1 year but as the pirgal electronics lied and told me that this 1 year warranty will be extended when the Videocon team will do installation and the warranty will be extended to 5 years in system .

Now when I am trying to use my 5 year warranty then service person is asking for physical card and same I requested from pirgal electronics and they denied saying Videocon company got bankcorrupt and they don’t want to talk to me and they cannot give me warranty.
The service person is asking for the extended warranty card which was not given to me by pirgal electronics and now I am not able to service my TV and the repair cost is around 5000 and I purchased this TV for extended warranty benefit only and same I am not able to use it instead purchasing in offer and provided them full money to prigal electronics. Kindly help me in getting my 5 year warranty.

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