videocond2h Signal failure nor resolved past 1 Month

Good Day

I have got a Videocon d2h connectivity with Customer ID: 177528878, Named G.Baba., which is not functioning past 30 days and chain of complains as follows

these complaints have been raised by Videocon and closed without resolving problem at my place and on my calls again new complaint is being raised.

I have even complained to NODAL OFFICER – VIJAYAWADA, Contact number 040-40020428, received complaint and no use further, after two days called several times and has got no reply from him, and call not being attended past 5 days.

Customer care mails also have no replies.

By looking their behavior and not resolving problem encourages me say not to go for Videocon d2h services by any means. Most Useless services. One month they have consumed time and yet to resolve and no one turns up even after several calls.

thank you

2 Replies to “videocond2h Signal failure nor resolved past 1 Month”

  1. Dear G. Baba,

    We apologize for the inconvenience. We have forwarded your concern to our team and will get back to you with an update soon.

    Thanks & regards

  2. Dear G. Baba,

    We understand that your complaint is resolved now. Kindly let us know if you need any further assistance.

    Thanks & regards

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