videocond2h Videocond2h Setopbox Upgrade SD to HD

Dear All,

I had a setopbox from videocon d2h which was purchased quite a long back ago. Now i recently bought 43 inch tv and thought to upgrade the setopbox from SD to HD. I made couple of customer care calls, and their response was not clear, a week ago i made a call they told to call after a week and check again, when i made call this week they said to call after 2 days and check again. Videocond2h doesn’t have a timeline when this convertion can be done. If you look at their website link in the url below
it says to upgrade from SD to HD cost is Rs 749.
if you call customer care they say they dont have this options now.
This will make users to forcely buy the new setopbox at the price of Rs.2020 or more
I tried to reach their supervisor via customer care and they will say we are connecting and they just disconnect the call without connecting to supervisor. It happened couple of times in my case!

This is a fraud done by videocond2h in the name of upgrade. This should not be allowed and should take actions

Videocond2h Customer
Customer ID: 154353977

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  1. Dear Customer (K.G. Pramod),

    We would like to inform you that right now we are not providing the service to upgrade SD to HD due to TRAI implementation. Kindly let us know if you need any further assistance.

    Thanks & regards

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