Vinay Kumar Protect For Wild Dog's

Dear sir,

We are living in Aryan Nagar Mayur Vihar Near Arya Chowk Haridwar.In a our small colony where some 20-25 families live, some 15-20 street dogs have come and they fight overnight and bark at people and have tried to bite few natives here. When they find any child alone then 4 to 5 of them cover up and bark and threaten the child everyday.The dogs move in groups and sometimes sit at our main entarance. People are now frightened to move out of there houses. We are really worried about the situation and specially our kids.
So we request to you please send a DOG-CATCHER to catch them. Any further mishappening will be the responsibility of NAGAR NIGAM HARIDWAR.

Residents (Aryan Nagar)

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