VIP Money Saving Card Fraud Master Card Offer Call : VIP Money Saving gold Card

Fraud Call from VIP Money Saving Card:
I got calls from different numbers like 7303103265, 9319041418, 9560893106 and latest by today (10.06.2019 at around 6.51 p.m.) from a lady, she told me congrats as per your good payment history we are the service provider linked with visa card provide you VIP Money Saving gold Card as you are our VIP customer.
some offer with this card like: upto 30% discount + promo code+ UCB watch + holidays trip+ gift voucher+ full body checkup+ movie cinema tickets etc.
But I refused to avail the card then she transferred called to his senior he told me again the said offers but again I refused.
I told him to call tomorrow mean while give me correspondence detail of your local office or branch after confirmation I will pay you but he denied by saying that we are linked with visa service provider and separate entity we have offices only metropolitan cities and also asked him to send details on mail, but he stated you will get it after complete procedure.
then he told you have no option to deny to rs. 7999 either it will deducted from your credit card or you have to pay in installment but I told him not to pay by any mode then he told this is visa card service and you choose no option it is going to debit from your account and soon you will receive message for the same. and within few minutes I got a message from a number 9560893106 is:
" Dear Customer Cogratulation ! your Card request has been proceed for EMI of INR 7999 on a auto debit process. Your courier is still pending. Kindly contact the service provider to despatch your courier.

By the way of taking these people are looks totally fraud and action sholud be taken so that they cannot make fool to any other.

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