vlcc Worst Ever Keratin Treatment

I went to VLCC for Keratin treatment expecting it to be a good brand but all my expectations were utterly shattered and I am badly disappointed with what they did. First of all I ll discuss the execution of treatment. While the professional applied the treatment, my eyes started becoming red, tears shedding, headache started, irritation in pulmonary tract, problem in breathing and I was not able to breathe. I swear on God that this exactly happened. They had no ACs working in the main hall. The lady switched on fan over my head and the fumes of the product applied( acute formaldehyde) (for sure not a trusted good product). While writing I am seeing that happeing in front of me again. I literally cried and was anxious that God forbid if anything would happen to me today. What will my family do etc,….. Feelings apart…..But I am really very disappointed with VLCC to use such kind of products. I have taken keratin treatment in Kapil’s Salon , in Enrich Salons but have n!
ever faced such problem. Now the result part, a SERIOUS DISAPPOINTMENT. No one was agreeing that I had taken a keratin treatment a day ago. I went for a haircut after three days in a reputed parlour near my house, she was shocked to see treatment done by VLCC. She also suggested that Enrich and Kapill’s Salon are best for Keratin treatment. And i realised that how big a mistake I did make when I chose VLCC over these. I have made up my mind that I shall not even go for threading to VLCC. VLCC: DONT FOOL CUSTOMERS. YOU LL REGRET. Already I can see VLCC is shutting down its branches gradually. Like a branch in Kharghar,Navi Mumbai got closed few months back. That’s the future of VLCC.

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