VOLTAS/123 DYA 1 ton AC Repeated failure of Voltas split 123 DYA-substandard copper coil

I had a discussion today over mobile conversation simultaneously with the owner of Airtech Systems and Mr. Prakash, Service Manager, Voltas, Chennai when they said that they are giving me a concession of free gas charging and replacement of compressor but I have to pay for Copper coill since it is more than two years old and also out of warranty. Last paid gas charging was done on 4.5.2017 and it is not even three months when this complaint was reported back in last ten days. Where is the question of free gas charging when even 90 days were not completed since last one. Secondly the serv.dealer who had only serviced this unit throughout the period since purchase in Dc.2014, had earlier told me that this repeated gas leak was only because of weal coil since 2014 and this has to be replaced. He did not keep his promise that he would certify this to Voltas but today he did not do that. Obviously both the dealer and Voltas want to protect themselves from further expenses on t!
his unit while expecting me to meet the cost as an individual senior citizen ex employee of Voltas. What is the use of this forum when I don’t get any response? What is the guarantee Voltas can give after replacement of coil in an unit which has caused continuous headache to me evensince it landed at my house?
Can you wake up and respond?


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