VOLTAS Inappropriate installation of ac not providing bill

Voltas is showing utter lineancy and irresponsible attitude in ac installation… which is causing continuous harassment Mail fwd to voltas emaiid [email protected] gmail.com is as below

I am still to hear from voltas…. And the leakage from ac same day it is installed is unacceptable and they should be answerable after taking money… Unnecessary placement of stand whereas just 10 cm below balcony was there…

1 I purchased a Voltas inverter split ac from Flipkart thinking that it’s the best…. i insisted on getting installation from voltas and not Flipkart registered Jeeves company as I thought they would be best….
2 To my utter shock the guys who came did not do any Justice to the product or brand… They did not have ladder… They messed up walls …. They have not sealed the hole created properly…. Still some air exiting through it…
Worst… In the evening same day I have noticed a liquid falling from joint of outdoor unit….
3 Contacting the lady who called me after voltas confirmed my service request first day no 18042901418….says she is unable to remember the details and I should call her after 2 hours Mobile no of lady who claimed to be from voltas is 7065077757…
4 They have still not given me bill for installation after taking Rs 3320 from me… They said it will come by mail??
5 Now my question is is this a fraud??

6 if the installation was Yesterday why I have not received bill till today??
7 The liquid that started leaking same day… Who is responsible for it???
8 Raising a fresh request I am told technician will come after 3 days for request no 18043000925??
9 Who is responsible till then and for the refrigerant leak??
I hope that action is taken soon by the brand that I used to trust!!

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