VOLTAS No service

I have bought voltas virtis 1.5 AC in January 2014 .after installation in april 2014 same day of installation I noticed that display and wind rotation is not working properly ,so I complained the same to the nearest service centre many a times after many complaints a engineer from voltas visited and ask me to wait for few days as the spare parts are not available and promise me to replace as soon as stock comes to them.i said ok because AC was working only display and rotation has a problem.after few days I visited to service centre to know weather stock has come ,but they promise me the same as earlier.after calling customer care toll-free number ,and personally visiting to service centre they never come untill now .very disgusting and shameful service I have ever experienced.it was four years but I never got service untill now.no meaning of warranty they have given to me.pls don’t give warranty if you don’t have service.Rakhi Sharma 7006214646. My email ajay31002! [email protected]

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