Vrinsoft Technology Salary & Mgmt issue with Vrinsoft Technologies

Hello Sir / Madam,

This is to inform you everybody that please don’t join "Vrinsoft Technologies",https://www.vrinsofts.com/, Ahmedabad (Gujarat).
Its one of the cheating company having no proper work flow environment. They don’t know how to allocate task and to give estimate hours for any project
to be completed. Without looking into depth of project they give very less time for work allocation. Company believes that app needs to be testing in
4 Hrs with all bug posting and other discussion to be done with developer. In a day even you will test any app build in iPhone, Android and its admin as well then also they don’t get satisfy with our daily work.
During meeting if you call team lead level person by name in polite way then they get hurted although I was also at senior level position in the company. They make issue for it they you must supposed to call me Sir.
Regarding HR (Vaibhavi Choksi Gandhi), she used to talk very roughly on calls and behave like a boss of Company. I listen saying her to employee that I
have not opened any guesthouse over here and uses very rough language while taking though she too is employee of a company.
Company does not follow his own rules mentioned in their appointment letter. No Job security at all. I join company on 4 May, 2017 and was serving
my probation period. Without giving me notice period of 1 month as mentioned in their termination rules of Annexure B, my Employment was terminated. I
requested to HR (Vaibhavi Choksi Gandhi) to provide me notice period of one month as I was not localite over here and my engaggemt was very nearby but she does not listen at all.

As mention before in their Annexture B, "Either party can terminate this employment by serving a notice of one month in probation period and for two
months in regular employment, on the other, save and accept that the company may at its option pay salary in lieu of the notice period to terminate employment with immediate effect".

I request to management to provide me salary of one month full June 2017, though I worked till 17 June, 2017. Company did not provide 1 month notice Period.

I also droped a request mail too but I don’t get any reply for it.
Please help me.


Thanks & Regards,

Shruti Mokaria

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