westside Manager insulted Customer at Raghuleela Mall, Navi Mumbai

Dear Team,

I never ever thought in my life i will review someone for this reason, Me and my colleague usually every alternate day go to Raghuleela mall Westside as our office is also located in same Mall and we like the stuff and if we happen to see something new we do buy, # we are your potential customers, but ust because we go there very often Manager from the store came to us and in a very insulting manner she said since you come daily dont enter from mall door and make entry from back door as head count is counted and is reported to our head office.

Our point is we dont come there to do time pass, we come to see stuff and when we like we buy, you should treat us like your buyers and just because someone visits often you cannot indirectly say dont come to our store.

I want to ask Westside team is this the way you treat and insult your customers, when spoke to higher authority she started lying and instead of taking action they both were manipulating their words.

This is no respect to your customers, we dont have their names, we felt so bad, we felt as if there is no self respect for us.

Westside team, kindly improve your CRM schemes and if this is your policy to treat customers change it, otherwise in no time your Raghuleela mall store will shut.

If you really care take some action

Neha Ramnani

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  1. Dear Neha,

    We are sorry for the experience you’ve had. Please share the following details with us so that we can share the same with the concerned team:

    Email ID
    Contact Number

    Team Westside

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