Whirlpool India Complaint regarding my whirpool semi-automatic machine


16th April : I had raised a complaint for my Whirlpool semi automatic machine – SR # BG0419016780 for the machine dryer.

18th April: The technician Mr. Venkat ( Ph: 8892318183) came next day and told it’s an issue with the capacitor and the part needs to be replaced. He had charged Rs.1550/- for the same. The machine dryer started working that day.

19th April : The same issue re-surfaced the next day as the dryer stopped working. I tried to reach multiple times to Mr. Venkat but there wasn’t any response.

22nd April: Finally, I had to raised another complaint SR# BG0419021795 for the same issue. Another technician Mr. Naveen ( Ph : 8073260864) was assigned for the same issue.

23rd April: Mr. Naveen came though looked helpless in resolving the issue but was very keen on selling some of the by-products. He told he would be coming next day and would resolve the issue.

24th April :1. Naveen called and told the entire dryer needs to be replaced. I asked him what about Rs.1550 paid to the earlier technician for the same issue. That money should be adjusted in the cost of new dryer. He told he has nothing to do with earlier technician and I need to pay the full amount for the new dryer.
2. I insisted Mr. Naveen to hand over the call to his manager so that I could lodge an official complain. He told that Manager is busy and won’t be able to talk.

3. I again called up Whirlpool customer care department and explained my grievance to them. But nothing happened.

I seemed to get cheated by whirlpool. I have already spent Rs.1550/ for the repair of my machine and no resolution looks in near sight. It would have been better if I would have hired a private technician.

Raghavendra Kaushik
Mob: +91 9972542594

2 Replies to “Whirlpool India Complaint regarding my whirpool semi-automatic machine”

  1. Dear Customer,

    We regret the inconvenience you have faced. We are working on the customer’s concern and will share you the further updates shortly.

    Whirlpool Support

  2. Dear Customer,

    We got it checked with the service team and confirmed that you have repaired your appliance from local vendor. We hope your understanding on the same.

    Whirlpool Support

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