Whirlpool India Loud noise and no response


I am writing this complaint because of the sufferings I have gone through after registering my complaint. Your service team took my machine and till now they didn’t respond. I have registered this complaint on February – 2nd. Mainly it was making too much noise during washing. So I thought to fix it. Please find the series of events happened

Feb -2 – I registered the complaint in whirlpool customer care
Feb-5 – One of your service person came to my home on Feb-5 and told that he has to take this machine to your service center
Feb-11/ Feb-12 – your team came to my home and took my machine . I specifically told them that they have to check and let me know how much cost will it take. Based on that , I have to take my decision. They didn’t respond also.
Feb-16 – I called to the service center. They told that the windings have to be replaced and they will provide my machine on feb-18 or feb-19. They didn’t give the machine
Feb-21/Feb-22/Feb-23 – I called many time to this service center and they didn’t attend my call or else they were busy
Feb – 26 – I called again to whirlpool customer care. They have told that they will check and will call me back after they have escalated to service team
Feb-28 – Since I didn’t get any call back, I have again contacted your customer care and your customer care executive checked with service center and told me that everything got fixed and they will return my machine within 48 hours
March – 04 – Since I didn’t get my machine and your team didn’t respond, I called again your customer care and they told that they will check and call me back. The same thing happened on March -06
March -09 – I called again your customer care and I explained all these. He told that he will connect me with his supervisor within half an hour and I didn’t get any response
March -11 – I again called your customer care and this time the service person (Ansib) told that he will connect with the supervisor. But he also didn’t connect.

Now please return my machine. I don’t want to go with Whirlpool. I am exhausted with your service. I called every time your service center and customer care and waited whatever time they have mentioned. Now I don’t have to wait. I don’t want to use any whirlpool machine. Give me back my machine. I will replace it with some other washing machine.

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  1. Dear Customer,

    Please share your complaint number or mobile number. We will ensure all possible help.

    Whirlpool Support

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