Whirlpool / Refrigerator Refrigerator not cooling

Dear whirlpool team
we have purchase a refrigerator triple door on 01.07.2018 from dharamvir furniture sheikhpura . It stoped cooling from 22.10.2018. we have registered complaint to customer care no 18002081800. on 27.10.18 The complaint no is PT1018008859 . The technician reached my residence . he check the fridge and some parts replace . he advise us. it cooling start will be 4- 5 hours but no result. we have complaint to customer care again complaint no pt1018009125 on 28.10.18 technician reached my residence and check the fridge but no result.we have again complaint to customer care on 30.10.18 complaint no is PT1018010097. Technician reached my residence and checked the fridge and fill the gas .he advise us . it cooling start will be 2 hours but no result. we again registered a complaint no is PT1018010780 on 31.10.18 Technician visit pending
Kindly solve the issue or replace it otherwise we will be visit to consumer forum Regards
Vijay kumar choudhary
Mob 8210752929
Mail id – [email protected]

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  1. Dear Vijay,

    We hope your concern has been resolved. Please let us know if there is anything else you need help with.

    Whirlpool Support.

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