Wisdomjobs Fraud Company

i agree with Vinitk69, even i got a call from some Deepthi, initially i registered by paying Rs 2360 and i was convinced that i will start getting interview calls. They even mentioned that if i get rejected in any interview they will make sure that i get recruited within few weeks and they will take this responsibility. withing 2 days i after registering i got a call from them saying they are fixing up my interview with TCS Manager. 1st round of telephonic interview was done. after sometime they again called and said that TCS has given a positive feedback about you. Next will be online technical test for which if i am not confident then they can write the test on my behalf since i have registered they are ready to do that with the help of technical people they have. then they asked me to pay Rs. 15000/- as a security bond with TCS which will be refunded once my final interview is done. this they said was required so that i don’t leave the interview process in between. !
i was little skeptical about this but still i went ahead with the payment. they also asked me to submit lot of documents/certificates/photo id proofs etc (which now i am actually scared as they have all my personal information).
it was only after i made the payment and submitted all my docs that i realized that they were fraud as they did not acknowledged my email and in spite of calling them n no. of times, no one responded. i also went through TCS official website and read on their page that be aware about such fraudulent activities as TCS is not involved with any such processes.
guys, please DO NOT fall prey to such calls/websites/promises and never pay them.

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