www.incomezone.in Site not open after payment

Cheating the Public
Dear Sir,
https://www.incomezone.in This company is cheating the public. I have opened account in this company. They told me you pay the activation amount after earnings. Some persons are joined my bottom line. I have earned Rs.7225/-. Actual cost of the activation is Rs.900/- but I have paid Rs. 2610/- (25% of the Rs. 2610/- i have paid) Before activation he told me you can withdraw draw amount of Rs.2610/- so please you can activate your ID then you can withdraw Rs.2610/- then I have activated My ID. After activation he told me you can’t withdraw amount of Rs. 7220 . Do you need any clarification mail me my mail id is [email protected] Thanks & Regards,
Sandeep u

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