www.quikr.com Fraud in the name of Premium Ad

Refer : Ad ID:332898693 / Ad ID:328731335

How is your company is big cheater, you all are thief, see below, how ? The attached below is show product sold.

How thief you are, as product still not sold, the same is with us. We have Paid till : Rs. 499 + 499 + 900 = 1898/-

You cheater were fraud-ed all 3 transactions link internet fraud is happening. Once payment maid, your cheater agent died, even not confirmed payment receipt, like online fraud is going on.


Please refund our all paid money to your company, because your fraud agent told we will definitely sold your product.
We will get the phone tape from legal department and proceed for action on your company to prevent other to not being looted by you.

Either you should refund our Rs. 1898/- or sale my or will register complain against your teams fraudulent service.

Revert on your cheating / fraud as mention, done with us.

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