Undersigned has taken Home loan from DHFL.
1.They never respond any thing immediately.I have asked for Statement of Account for the FY12-13,FY-13-14,FY-14-15,FY-16-17 as the same need to be known to me but customer care straight away refuse to give SOA & said it is DHFL policy.For that I NEED TO VISIT THE BRANCH & PAY 250 Bugs for each Financial year.It is really surprising that when entire Nation is making electronic transaction & everything is digitized such company are still wanting the customers to suffer interns of times & energy.
2.At present the HL interest rate is 8.35% in general but they are still charging me 9.55 % when i have written email they have written "We refer to your query regarding the applicability of the new rate of interest of 8.35% on your loan application no. FXXXXXX. In this regard, we would like to inform you that the Rate of Interest of 8.35% is towards the present market condition to encourage and create demand in the Housing Sector, wherein the demand which will boost the housing sector will allow the benefit to be passed on to the customer.
We are constantly monitoring the market conditions and earnestly seek to pass the benefit of any decrease in our cost of funds to the customer.
It is really painful to act with this financial institute as they consider that all customers are fools .

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