Yatra.com Fradulent Activity

We have booked flight ticket on Yatra.com on 4th January 2019 for travelling from Bangalore to Indore on 10th January 2019 through AIR Asia (Yatra booking reference Number 0401937317470) Air Asia PNR No. HNJL9S. We have paid extra money (approx Rs.1000) for protection on cancellation/reschedule, where they claim that you will get full money refund.
Now,, yesterday on 9th January 2019 in morning our plan was changed and we have cancelled the trip. When I login in my Yatra.com account and want to click the cancel button, to my surprise a popup message says that Sorry, we are unable to cancel, please contact Air Asia airline to cancel" but they are not showing any link to the website where we have to cancel. Anyhow, I clicked help of yatra’s website and started a chat application to get help for cancellation. One lady executive replied and kept me holding about 10 minutes and replied that sorry for the inconvenience, she will contact to her superior to cancel the ticket. I have instructed clearly that please cancel the above booking and inform me. She wrote that within 15 minutes, she will call me on my registered mobile phone. After passing so much time. it happens about 5.30 PM.
When I not received any message or call, after one hour again I started chat. One new executive attended and He wrote that he is also unable to cancel the ticket as Airlines services are busy, any how he will cancel and will inform us shortly. I received an call from the person at about 7 or 7.30 that he will talk to his superior and will cancel soon. Than after some time I received an Email (Screenshot attached) that the booking has been cancelled. Their is no any mention of refund amount in the mail.
Today, on 10th January 2019 I have received message on my mobile from Airline about check-in and boarding timings. Immediately in morning about 5, 5.15 I login again in yatra’s my account and found the booking is as it is. I have taken a screenshot (attached) and again made a complaint through chat conversation with these screenshots. At about 9.30 a call came from yatra number (120 682 3700) and an executive asked me that how much refund amount the last executive told me. I annoyed on this question. He is not replying on the reason that when my booking was cancelled yesterday evening, how it is still showing alive on yatra’s website Today. I think some fradulent activities are going on on the platform to avoid making refund to customers.
Still I dont know, how much refund I will get, even I am covered under and paid extra money for their protection scheme.
I hope this complaint may work something to recover our hard earned money from this type of cheating.

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  1. Dear Gopal,

    Greeting from Yatra.com!

    Thank you for your time on call. As per our discussion and update received from your end your query has been resolved. Feel free to contact for any other assistance.

    Yatra Care.

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