Yatra.com Hotel Denying Booking

This is with reference to following booking details:

Booking id – 2112726342409
Name – Sumit Chhabra +1
Hotel Name – The Anantmaya Resort
Dates – 23 Dec 2017 to 24 Dec 2017

I have made one villa room booking(with breakfast and dinner) in the aforementioned resort yesterday evening i.e. on 21st Dec 2017. At the time of booking, the rate appearing for the room was lesser than the normal market rate for the said property. However, i completed my booking.
Soon after booking, i got an call from Yatra executive stating whether i am facing any difficulty in booking. But i told him that no i have made the booking. I also specifically asked him the reason for such a lower rate, to this he replied that its due to promotional offer which convinced me somewhat but i double checked with him, to which his reply was same.
But to be sure about my booking, I checked with Hotel reservation at night time and to my surprise, they denied to accept the booking and this particular price point.
Today early morning, i called your customer care at around 9:00 am to get some solution. And customer care executive assured me that my booking is confirm and they will check with hotel for denial reasons. Further, he also told me that someone from Yatra will get back to me within 2 Hours.
But to my surprise, the committed SLA of 2 hours also got exceeded and after which i called your customer executive again. This time customer care executive told me that concern has already been escalated and they are not able to touch base with Hotel on this which I believe is nothing but to deferment of resolution. I myself tried reaching out to Hotel and faced no issue.
Further, executive told me that they need time till EOD today for resolution of this issue and when i requested to speak to his supervisor / manager, he denied that. Moreover, he also asked me if not confirmed from Hotel, whether i would be cancelling my booking.
I do not understand when booking was not supposed to be confirmed, why your executive confirmed the same, why yo have sent booking vouchers to me, why escalation story is going on.
Now because of this, you are unnecessary wasting my time and causing irreversible psychological stress.
Request you to provide the resolution at earliest.

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  1. Dear Sumit,

    Greeting from Yatra.com!

    We regret the inconvenience caused to you. As per our finding our team was in contact with you on 22nd Dec 2017 regarding your query and as per the telephonic conversation you agreed to pay directly at the hotel during check in and query was successfully resolved.

    Yatra Care.

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