Yun Nam Hair care Centre Mentally stress being psycho to keep singing up new package

Never and ever go for their free trial cos once you enter, you are definitely con by them to sign up the package. Endless of new problem with your scalp and new package to cure the problem. More and more money to be suck out from your pocket. Even if you don’t bring your credit card, they still manage to persuade you to sign up manually via calling the bank by asking you to provide the credit card number. You tend to fall into the trap they set as they are very good in psycho you and make you feel so scare and worry about your hair and scalp condition. Without realising it you signed another package.
They did telll me that i must signed up certain package to get the scalp problem care to avoid it go to the next stage and harm my scalp
but it seems that problem is not cure but did go to the next phase and need a special customised treatment to cure it. So it seems you will never have a chance to finish the treatment and stop from going.
I am pissed off but what can i do. If i do continue going, all my money paid will go to waste. I really hope some one can tell all the ppl here what to do to get back our hard earn money.

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