Hello Sir/Madam,

This is so rubbish that different executives say different words, Policies say something and what actually happened is different.This is simply a case of Biasness and favouritism.
I am writing this mail to highlight a mishap with you that I am living in Zolo Kites since january and I had lost my job because of this covid pandemic situation on 15th April so I apply for this ” 2-month rent-free stay Scheme" where I attached my resignation and it’s approval on the same, but I got a mail from Zolo where my form was rejected and mentioned reason was – "you have failed to meet the eligibility criteria " and when I called to Zolo customer support then they said to me – "You are not living here more than 6 months."

This is totally an injustice to me as this property appeared in Zolo app on Late January or Feb but I resigned from my previous company which was at Gurgaon and I reserved my room at Zolo kites in December only because I have been in touch with Mr. Raja[Property Owner] a, zone heads and other caretakers since december but no room was available in Zolo bright and other Zolo property in sector 18 than Mr. Arush who is Zone head and Raja/Veerban/Satendra[Caretakers] suggested me this property so I paid my token amount to Satendra by then only. It wasn’t my fault the property went live in late Jan/Feb. so why am I paying for it.

On talking to executives, every other giving different reason and one executive named "Pratit or Prateek" who accepted first this case as an exception that my zolo went live late and I am eligible according to the policies and conditions I paid my rent on time, my rent is clear till June and I am a current resident of Zolo kites but later on giving me irrelevant reasons, starting talking absurdly and denied to help in this. He himself said that we are giving off to some people who have been living with zolo since 3 months even, I have all the recordings with me of both the executives and I am attaching below the same to highlight to everyone how Zolo is doing biasness and favouritism with their customers.Better you guys remove such illogical and illiterate employees from your department.

Last but not least, I want my rights and things to happen in the proper way else I won’t pay my rent this month. As my brother has been paying my rent on time for many months but now when the good things are on the way and you guys are behaving as if I am a non zoloite ,reacted stupidly, showing an act of biasness and favouritism on my problems then I am really sorry I will misbehave in the same way. As I am not going to pay this month’s rent if no concern is given and moreover to this I will highlight this issue to upper authorities and other social platforms so that people think before choosing Zolo as their living partner. In the end , I request you to kindly show a responsible attitude towards your residentials and give a concern on my problem.

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