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Animal Welfare Board of India - AWBI Complaint - Death of a pigeon due to carelessness of peop

I found a pigeon in the balcony of my second home in pune Aundh where I visit twice a week.
My servant working over there was feeding it daily but it was not eating neither drinking water.
Problem seen was it couldn't fly.
When I reached there and saw the condition I tried calling many pune bird rescue helpline numbers.
At last I got connected to Bhavani pet vet Centre
The person cooperated with me and gave me a cobra number of some Mr Anil who will help me to take the bird to a doctor.
I had a call with Mr Anil who refused to pick the bird as he stayed away from Aundh area.I requested him to give me a contact number of any person staying nearby who can help me out or even he can take the to n fro charges from me and pick the bird and take it to a bird care Centre as my only concern was the bird should survive.
But he didn't take it seriously.
After a serous and continuously follow up with up at last he gave me a contact number in Aundh after 4 days.
But his attitude was too rude and negative.
And today when I reached my house and the person came to pick the bird it was dead a day before.
Don't you think this is human cruelty.
Please do focus on this matter as seriously.
If people can't help out then why they are registered officially in website for help line ???????
I want a clarification and a strict action in this

Death of a pigeon due to carelessness of peop

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