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GOOGLE *SERVICES Complaint - Fraud transaction by GOOGLE *BTPURE on SBI debit card

I Tushar Kanta Mahakul, account holder in SBI bank, stated on dated 20/01/2018 my account has been debited by 50/- One time,. 6000/- two times has been deducted through my debit card. Thus a total amount of 12050/- has been deducted from my account.

my fraud transction details are-
1- (20-JAN-2018) Rs 50.0 on by debit card OTHPG 431502 GOOGLE *SERVICES

2- (20-JAN-2018) Rs 6000.0 by debit card OTHPG 618054 GOOGLE *BTPURE

3- (20-JAN-2018) Rs 6000.0by debit card OTHPG 783680 GOOGLE *BTPURE

The first transaction was reversed and Rs 50 was credited on the same day. The debit cards is in my custody and I have never share my credentials to anyone
Request you take immediate action on the above fraud transaction to get back
Please take this up on priority.


Tushar Kanta Mahakul
[email protected]

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