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Alchemist Complaint - NON PAYMENT OF FD

NON PAYMENT OF Alchemist FD (Certificate of Property) for 3 years MATURITY DATED 17.03.2015
NON PAYMENT OF ALCHEMIST FD (Certificate of Property) for 3 years MATURITY DATED 17.03.2015
I am to inform you that I have a FD (Certificate of Property) vide dated 17.03.2011. The said FD (Certificate of Property) has expired of tenure on 17.03.2015. As per request of Alchemist, Baranagar Branch, I have deposited the original Certificate to Baranagar Branch, Kolkata. But very sorry to inform you that till date, I have not received the maturity amount through cheque even after TWO years 1 month lapsed after maturity date.

I am waiting for the maturity amount, . Kindly look into the matter personally so as to enable me to get the amount through Cheque/Bank Account at the earliest.


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