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IFB Complaint - Non servicing of 9/7 kg washing machine / harassment by IFB

I am a retired official from State Bank of India. On purchasing the IFB 9/7kg fully automatic washing machine I felt that I am the proud owner of the internationally reputed washing machine. But subsequently it is proved that I am the owner of an INTERNATIONAL FRAUD BRAND Washing machine. In support of my statement I furnish full particulars as under

On 14-12-212 I have purchased the highest cost 9/7kg. IFB Washing machine from Thirumala Music Centre (P) Ltd ., Gunfoundry, Hyderabad, Telangana State through cash receipt No AB/1213/RT-1702 with information that the washing machine will be delivered directly from IFB delivery point in a weeks time.

I was eagerly waiting for delivery of my international brand washing machine. Finally on 31-12-2012 9/7kg washing machine was delivered in fully packed condition and installed on the same day. On installation I was surprised to notice that the machine was a second hand machine and already used one. The same was noticed by the person came for installation. The fact of delivery of second hand/used 9/7kg washing machine was informed to Sri Nakka Venkatagiri the then Works Manager, who expressed sorry and promised to replace with new one.

As promised by Sri Venkatagiri a new 9/7kg washing machine was delivered and installed on 4-1-2013. The washing machine was functioning with few problems now and then which used tobe attended by the outsourcing personnel engaged by the IFB.

On 11th March 2017 morning when the washing machine was not getting started I made a complaint to IFB Customer Care who registered my complaint as 1105033761 and informed that the service personnel will call you within 24 hours. On 13th March the service person called and enquired about location of the house address. As I was expecting the service personnel any time for repair I was staying at home leaving the other important works unattended but no service personnel attended. I was regularly in touch with your Customer Care who failed to respond to the calls made by me. Finally on 22nd March 2017 when there was no response from IFB Customer Care I called to Sri Nakka Venkatagiri, whose number was with me. Since he is not concerned with the subject matter, he was kind enough to provide the cell number of Sri Jyothibabu (09392489406) concerned executive.

On 22nd March morning I called Sri Jyothibabu on number of times. Since he did not respond to my phone calls I send him a message. "Jyothibabu garu will u pl. call me. You r not responding to my phone calls". Immediately he called me back and I explained the entire story of non servicing of my washing machine for which he informed that he is out of station and advised to speak with Sri Ashok sir (9393586669). I tried to call Sri Ashok sir but I always get out of reach. Of course the number might be incorrect one.

As the phone was not reachable to Sri Ashok, I again called Sri Jyothibabu on 22-3-2017 who in turn simply informed me that the 9/7kg washing machine services are withdrawn and it can not be repaired but we will give 40% discount on the new washing machine to be purchased. I did not agree with Sri Jyothibabu the offer of 40% discount on the new machine instead l asked for 50% discount on the purchase value of the 9/7kg washing machine since the services were withdrawn one sided without giving notice and putting to hardships for the last eleven days. Sri jyothibabu asked for two days time to take up the matter to his boss Sri Ashok.

There was no response from Sri Jyothibabu babu till 27-3-2017. On 27-3-2017 I send the following message. "Jyothibabu garu good morning. I did not hear from u. Pl. call. As per ur request I waited for 4 days. I did not wash my clothes for the last 10 days. Heap of clothes are lying in the house. You want us to suffer just because we have purchased IFB international brand washing machine. Please respond failing which I am retired official will be constrained to mail to your CEO in India/Vice President. With regards"

On 27th March Sri Jyothibabu called me and asked for two more days time to take up the matter with his higher ups.

As usual there was no response from Sri Jyothibabu garu. On 29th March on the eve of Telugu new year UGADI as I do not want to disturb him I send the message "Jyothibabugaru Good morning. I wish you and your family happy Ugadi " so that he can recall my discussions with him. After 3 hours Sri Jyothibabu send the message. "Thank u & same to you sir. However he did not talk about my grievance.

On 30th March morning I send the following message to Sri Jyothibabu. "Jyothibabu garu good morning. I think you remember my complaint and hoping for response immediately. " Sri jyothibabu immediately send message "Pl. wait sir". After one hour he send another message Sir. Pl cal to my head. Name:Ashok sir mobile :7330650502"

I called to Sri Ashok garu at 12-29 pm on 30-3-2017. Sri Ashok did not respond to my call. However he called me back at 12-40 pm. Again I have to narrate entire story for which he replied that the services for 9/7kg washing machine were withdrawn and in exchange we will give 50% discount on any new IFB Washing machine. Since there was no option for me I have accepted to go for new washing machine with 50% discount.

On 31st March I went to Thirumala Music Centre (P) Ltd Hyderabad and got quotation for 8kg 3x Senator Aqua Washing machine for Rs. 34500/- I called Sri Jyothibabu and informed my intention of purchasing the Senator 3x Aqua washing machine. Jyothibabu informed that he will come to the IFB Office at Tarbund , Secunderabad at 12-30 pm. I went to IFB office located at Tarbund X Roads,Secunderabad at 1-00 pm. However Jyothibabu was not there. I called him over phone after repeated phone calls he informed that he is at Uppal and it will take 2 more hours to reach the office and advised to meet one Mr. Hasan. As Mr. Hasan was proceeding for his Friday Namaz he asked me to wait for one hour. In the meantime I called to Sri Ashok.

I met Sri Ashok in the show room and informed my intention of purchasing 8kg 3x Aqua washing machine and show the quotation given by Thirumala Music Centre for Rs. 34500/- and offered to pay 50% i.e., Rs 17500/-

Sri Ashok informed that they will not give discount on the market price and will give discount only on the MAXIMUM RETAIL PRICE. The maximum retail price of the washing machine at IFB show room is Rs. 39790/-

I requested to Sri Ashok to give best price since the washing machine is available in the market for Rs. 34500/- Sri Ashok declined my request and asked to pay 50% of MAXIMUM RETAIL PRICE i.e., 50% of Rs. 39790/- Rs. 19895/-

Since I made a sin of purchasing IFB (INTERNATIONAL FRAUD BRAND) washing machine and the services are withdrawn by the company without any notice to the consumers, the agony undergone fir the last 20 days and Sri Ashok even refused at least to refund 50% in cash so that I can purchase the washing machine of my choice, I have paid Rs. 19875/- in cash with a promise that the washing machine will be delivered in two days.

I have paid an amount of Rs. 19895/-on 31-3-2017 and waiting for the washing machine. Since the machine was not delivered even on 3rd April, I made a call to Sri Ashok in turn informed that he will enquire and let you know. However as usual he did not respond. I have called all the land line numbers starting from 040 39187601 to 607 for at least two hours but no response. Finally at 1-00pm. I received a call from land line number 040 39187607 (Mr. Deepak) and informed that there is no stock in the godown the washing machine will be delivered on April 6 2017.

Before sending this mail I called to Sri Ashok who in turn informed that he will enquirer and let you know.

Under these circumstances how far the IFB is justified in not calling IFB as INTERNATIONAL FRAUD BRAND.


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