Samsung Galaxy on 7 pro theft of mobile phone

i am Zain mohammed S/o Ayub Pasha. i am a member of KIOC bangalore. As KIOC matches tournament running in ITI ground near K.R puram. Today morning i was travelling to play match in ITI groundi picked up a bus from BEL 507C in that bus someone has stolen my cell phone. sim 1 no. 8971698863 ( airtel )
sim 2 no. 8095147374 ( vodafone )
IMEI1 no.*359932/07/137456/6
IMEI 2 no.*359933/07/137456/4*
i humbly request you to kindly take necessary steps to improve the situation Thank you
yours faithfully

Email Id: [email protected]

OCW NAGPUR Heavy Leakage of Water from Valve

Heavy leakage of water found from Valve fitted on Open Canal Wall near Manglmurti Square on Subhash Nagar Road.
Take immediate action to stop it, This is 2nd time the complaint is raised from the same valve back around 2 years ago.
Change new Valve & please look into matter at the earliest, as we all now there is less amount of water lest in nearby reservoirs.
Please SAVE Water.

A. M. Pande

Ghaziabad Electricity Board Replacement of Meter screen

Dear sir,

Our Electric Meter screen is not visualize the electricity consumption for a long time. So you are requested either get repaired the meter screen or replace the meter Installed at our industrial premises. Our address is being given below :
India International House Ltd.
Plot No. A6 (1&2), Industrial Area, Site IV
Sahibabad (Distt. Ghaziabad)

Conn No.PV_SN018
Cir. 15092


Chandu Soft Private Limited About Offer letter and Experience Letter

We have Joined in this company on June 2016 on that day we have received that joining letter as Software Engineer. Now we have resigned and They are now giving an experience letter as naming ITES which will replicate KPO. If we asked this the company CEO is threatening us that your background verification will be not done if you don’t accept these certificates. Already they have given me that certificate as software engineer and have taken back again. Also they are threatening us that they don’t clear PF amount. Also most of the employees who have gone out from the company still are coming to the office for PF amount. It’s been 7/8 months and some members have 1 year too. We have worked loyally for them but now CEO is not take caring for anyone these issues and he talks with us very harshly. All the above words which are about Background verification and also not giving the PF are said by our CEO. Please can you help us with these issues.

wipro backdoor recruitment

Hi my name is venkatesh, im here to tell you about a backdoor process hapening in hyderabad by an team manager naming surya kanth sadanala
and his contact number is 9948222204, taking an amount of 11000 rupees from candidates and helping them to go through backdoor process as this is illegal please take actions against such proccess which may damage the company’s reputation. as he is charging 11k from candidate and telling them that you will get offer letter by this weekend, as i came to know three candidates from my circle paid such amount to him through PAYTM and waiting for offer letter…


Dear sir,
I (Ashok Kumar Sharma) applied for educational loan against the collateral on 2nd may. But today nothing is done and delay reason one or the other.
1. I approached in April 1st week for educational Loan, they told Audit report is not signed than I approached Head Office than I got loan form on 18th may, but to my great surprise Rashi madam demanded GSR returns in list of documents. Even than also I submitted my application form with all documents desired by them on 2nd may 2018.
2. When i approached after 2 days Rashi madam told that property valuation is initiated but when I contacted after one week Rashi madam itself told property valuation is last process ( simply she was holding the file and nothing was done).
3. Lastly i approached the Head Office last week, than only file file could reach Head Office but to our great surprise that Head office also delaying for the reason one or the other.
4. My Son Bhaskar Sharma si going to france for study M.Sc. in International Business from IESEG University, which top 50 Universities in ranking in Europe.
5. I am feeling depressed as already one and half month is over as no time left as other formalities are also there. I am having all accounts with IDBI Bank for last 4 years.
Details student Name- Bhaskar Sharma S/O Ashok kumar Sharma R/O 716, Chanderlok Colony, street No. 9, 100 feet Road, delhi-110093

UC news They rejects my article without giving any valid reason.

Hello sir.
this is Abhimanyu Pandey. I have created a uc news channel named "Abhi Universal". i wrote 6 article. they rejected my 4 article by giving reason that ‘your article is repetitive in this platform’. i accepted it but i wrote 2 more article about scientific topic. those title were- 1-रहस्यमयी मशीन जो समय को रोक सकती है।
Rejection reason-Your article has been rejected due to the following reasons:मय यात्रा।
link- 2-जी, हाँ। तो ऐसे संभव है समय यात्रा।
Rejection reason-Your article has been rejected due to the following reasons:य को रोक सकती है।
link- sir, this time-
1-i didn’t use any abusive word,
2-i didn’t write any article against any community or religion, 3-it was a new topic not repetitive then why they are rejecting my article.
sir, kindly solve my problem any take action against "approval team". email id. [email protected]

cyber crime theft of mobile phone

my self Zain Mohammed S/o Ayub Pasha . i am a member of KIOC bangalore. As KIOC direction matches tournament running in ITI ground near K.R puram . Today morning at 7-30 am to 8 am i was travelling to play a match in ITI ground i picked up a bus from BEL bus stop 507C. in that bus someone has stolen my mobile phone Brand: Samsung galaxy on 7 pro cost of 11,190
sim 1 no. 8971698863 (airtel)
sim 2 no. 8095147374 (vodafone)
IMEI 1 no. 359932/07/137456/6*
IMEI 2 no. 359933/07/137456/4*
i humble request to you that kindly take necessary steps to improve the situation of citizens
Thank you
yours faithfully

Email ID: [email protected]
Date ;24-05-2018 Time: 2:20 pm