Airtel Complaint not being attended

My Service Number is 3007500553 with Airtel DTH connection. I have a HD DVR set top box and regret to say that I a customer almost 10 year old.
Off Late, there is a series of complaints to which the Airtel staff is not paying heed to. My set top box has been replaced few months back paying the full amount. It is under warranty and a full year subscription has been paid with 239 days of service left as on 13th June 2017
We lodged a complaint on 23rd May(complaint No. 61348469) stating the poor performance of set top box, HD channels not working and recording cant be done on DVR. After days of complaining, the engineer visited and concluded that the set top box (which is under warranty) is not functioning properly. When asked to replace the set top box, he demanded money saying that the said model has been discontinued and we need to upgrade to a higher model of set top box.
Again a new complaint was lodged on 9th June (Complaint No. 62049853) to which we have been harrassed. Every day, since last 4 days, they say Engineer will visit us but no one even attends the complaint.
I would like to know, as a customer, am i at a fault if AIRTEL has discontinued any model of their apparatus ? And if the same needs to be replaced, why do we need to pay for the equipment which is under warranty ?
All these companies think that the customers are idiots and they can loot in one or the other way for the losses they incurr on bogus competition.
When ever we call the customer care number, we are told " NISCHINT RAHIYE ". What does this mean, when you cant bring a solution to a customer ?
I think, I will leave airtel for ever and will never let any close friend or known person to opt for Airtel in future.

IRCTC Robbery/suspicious

I was traveling from tuticorin to chennai on pearl city express on may 2,2017.i was sleeping in middle berth .Around 3 am, some one was trying to remove my chain from my neck.he is short so that he can stand and trying to remove.i woke up.suddenly he ran.i was trying tr report this to police.but none of them came till i reach june16,2017 in s3,62 again same height of suspicious boy was here.he was starting at me which is abnormal. His height also exactly the same boy as i said earlier. I went and enquired antvhim why u r starring.he told he said coming first time in train and telling some reasons. Eventhough i don’t feel safe in public transportation especially in pearl city express.

Indian Railways Fine in ticket

On 12th June 2017, I had booked a ticket in Ispat express from Howrah to Kharagpur which was scheduled to be depart at 06:55 hrs. Every Monday I go by this train to attend my office at 10:00 hrs in Kharagpur. I take local via Bardhaman main line to reach Howrah comfortably by around 06:15-06:30 hrs. But on this day the local was more than 30 minutes late. I reached Howrah by 07:15 hrs only to find that my train has gone.Now, I have lost my Rs 95 just like that. Still I had no problem to buy an unreserved ticket even though it is loss for me. But I had no time. At 07:25 Faluknama was to be departed. If I miss that I couldn"t have reached office in time. So, I boarded on Faluknama and reached Kharagpur in time standing the whole path. At Kharagpur railway station T.C caught me charged me for travelling without ticket. I told him that I had missed my train in which I had reserved ticket and didn’t have any time to buy a ticket for Faluknama. But he didn’t listen!
and I had to pay the fine of Rs 320. So, if I do the maths I paid Rs 415 (320+95) for travelling standing for 1 hour 40 minutes that too because of railways mistake because their local was late because of which I missed the train and all this happened. So, is this justice? It wasn’t like I was travelling for free. I had paid more than for what I was been fined. So why I had to be in loss for railways mistake. I can understand that railway can’t be perfect and sometimes it can get late. I was okay with that that by spending money for reserved ticket I had to travel in unreserved. But then railways should understand too the problems created by their mistake. Specially those stubborn arrogant T.C’s whose aim is to just snatch fine so that it helps in their promotion. I guess railway will do something regarding this matter.

OLA CAB services arrogant behavior by driver

I had booked an Ola on Saturday dated 10th June 2017 at 9.04 am to travel at Dombivli East MIDC following up with CRN No.784942169.The moment we started our journey i insisted the driver to take a route from Chinchoti Naka via Bhiwandi to reach our destination.Further after reaching highway we came to know that the driver had already left the route long back…So i requested him to stop the journey where we had reached…I requested him to take the same route which i had suggested earlier when we started the journey,but he denied & started arguing with us…We requested him for couple of times since my family along with me needed to reach important family function on time…His device was not able read the route & so he denied the route,whereas i have travelled lot many times to Dombivli on the same route.His argument was so worst that my family insisted me to leave the said Cab since it was intolerable for all of us…Finally we all left the Cab without paying him &!
amp; got a rick to reach Chinchoti Naka where we left our way due to Ola driver.Further we reached Chinchoti Naka & booked a Cab ( CRN No.785065624 ) & reached our destination via same route…
Pls go through the Complaint & make necessary actions against such types of drives Of OLA who are not trained properly to behave with their customers..

IndusIndmarketing financial services salary problem and commission problem

Hi sir. My self Prakash.i am previous employee of imfs bencode BEN081253..I am worked at last 1year sir..may month only I quit my job.because main problem is salary problem sir..every month salary should not given properly sir…branch manager should not give proper salary basic salary 8500.but given just 7k.8k only.incentive should not given properly next step I am ready to complaint with IndusInd bank for this reason.if u not take action.i will ready face legal.
Regional product manager(Madhavan)..
Branch manager (Anna Nagar)(Dinesh)….

This is not my problem.every counter staff problem sir.. because u r company should spoil some people sir…so pls take action..thank you sir

PERONI Short measures


I bought a pack of 6 peronis from my local Tesco (as I do every week) but this time every bottle was only 1/2 full. I poured the contents into a measuring jug and it was 50ml short. I also ended up pouring 2 bottles down the sink as they didn’t taste right even though they were in date. I have enclosed photos as evidence. I am very disappointed and would be grateful for a response.
Kind regards

Cheryl Rolfe

up board, allahabad english,hindi ,chemistry

Hello sir
I am a student of science side and i want to tell you that please recheck my answer sheets. In my point of view i get less marks in these 3 subject.
i think that I get average markis in these 3 subject ,
AND in chemistry ,i got only 82 marks but while i solved all questions and i hope that i will get easily 90+marks but here is only 82 marks. i think there was a mistake in checking of answer sheets ,
so i want to tell you that please recheck my answer sheets
my roll no =1265185
school code =1181
thank you sir

Pizza Hut Non-delivery

I ordered pizza online today with order no. 8460767 to be delivered to my home. I had paid online too. within minutes they are calling me to say that it is not possible to deliver to my address. their stake is since my near by outlet is closed the order has been put to their outlet and hence they can’t deliver it to my place because of peak hour traffic. The guy who spoke was demanding me to come to a junction which is close to them. When I asked them about my re-fund he said it will take 20 days and when I argued with him why they had taken the order then that guy sounded rude. So, be careful before you order anything from HSR Layout pizza hut, Bangalore.

Reliance Jio Jio Apple Offer discontinued with Improper Justification from Jio

I have purchased Jio Sim on 31 Jan 2017 and Number is 8830798472 with offer 1 Year free Subscription under Apple Jio Offer. I have been using this Jio Sim card in iPhone 6S only from its purchased.
But Last week due to some technical issue my iPhone gets hanged and because of this reason for hours only I used stand by Mobile Phone to continue mobile number service.
Now Jio withdraw my 1 year subscription plan by justifying that I used other mobile phone than iPhone.
I used stand by mobile phone due to technical issue only and that’s also for some period. They can checked that period between last 6 month also. And Before discontinue of this plan, they neither intimate me nor send any communication regarding this by email or call or sms.
They clearly bluffing / cheating with us by offering 1 year free Apple Jio offer and discontinuing by giving improper excused. Expecting Support from you to get resolution on this matter.

Thanks & Regards,

Shital Mahendra Chikhalkar,
8830798472 , 7066616000