Big Boss ColoursMarathi – Reality Show Demeaning, Adulterous, Derogatory

Colours Marathi ‘Big Boss’ – Monday, 14th May 2018 Episode – Return of Rajesh Shringarpure
The Reality show promoted as ‘Itthey Dista Tasach Asta’
If this is the case then "Yesterday’s" episode was very shameful for Marathi audience. Return of Rajesh and th entire episode dedicated to his returning to the Big Boss House, hugging and kissing and expressing his love for Resham is utterly Shameful.
The Channel if so claims that this is an unscripted Reality Show, then broadcasting yesterday’s episode was very SHAMEFUL & an IRRESPONSIBLE act for ‘Marathi entertainment Industry’. It shows how an entertainment industry can stoop down to cheap tactics to earn TRP’s. If such scenes are shown in Serial one can say ‘well it’s part of script and story demands it’.. However, yesterday’s transmission questions the ‘Morality of two Individuals’ in action and whether Colours Channels acted in responsible manner in transmitting the entire hugging, smooching and sharing of bed and single blanket’?
First of all the 14th May episode portrayed the ‘ Marathi Film Industry/ Entertainment Industry’ that these things are very common & acceptable life style in the Industry. However, as we see it ‘The Marathi Film fraternity thrives on Legends, Art, Tradition and Culture’. But yesterdays episode was totally contrast to everything.
Secondly – It was openly promoting Adultery on screen and the Channel was totally insensitive towards Rajesh’s wife and Resham’s kids. Even if its taken into consideration that Resham being a divorcee has all the right to live her life and have a companion, we fail to understand how can the channel be so insensitive towards Rajesh’s wife and Resham’s kids. Does Channel assume that the wife and kids are not answerable to weird questions and are immune to stares & Glares of the society they live in??
The Channel needs to accept that it is not a Reality Show but a Scripted Show or STOP promoting it as ‘Itthey Dista Tasach Asta’ . The programme has good TRP even without the vulgar PDA moments of these two.
As a Woman, I feel Rajesh’s adulterous behaviour in-appropriate and Resham’s act as very shameful and inconsiderate towards Rajesh’s wife & family and Channels act or Mr Manjrekar’s approval of broadcasting and dedicating the entire episode and showing them as ‘Love Birds’ as very ‘Irresponsible’.
I can’t imagine Rajesh claiming that Mr Manjrekar approves of their onscreen romance and confirming to him that audience are liking their pair and that they are approving of their shameful act. If Mr Manjrekar has said so, then he has lost a fan today.

Cheated by adding insurance in loan ac Cheated by adding insurance in loan ac

I have recently took a loan from indiabulls which was preapproved loan of 25 lakhs out of which I wanted only loan amount of 13 lakhs.
So firm given me loan of 13 lakhs and some thousand in which the executive Mr Narendra Rana from Borivali branch of Indiabulls Home loan who was executive for my loan handling added some insurance amount of 1 lakh 45 thousand which I didn’t wanted it. He still managed to add that and told me it’s not insurance and it’s an loan amount. So I denied him and took check of 12 lac and 30 thousand only.
But Mr Rana the rep still added ICICI Bank insurance policy without my permission.
This is ridiculous and looted and cheated by Indiabulls and representatives Narendra Rana and his team. my installments is coming so so high when it was promised to be around 12-13k. Plz take strick action.
Awaiting for your reply.
Nanda solanki

sp office trichy Crimes against public funds: TN Marriage funds are not reached people at Thathiengarpet

Respected Sir,

I am Sankara Krishnan V. My father working as a farmer and doing business and my sister’s marriage was held on Dec 2016. We have applied for-marriage scheme last a year ago. Post 6 months (May 2017 approx.) received the fund gold coin from the government.
So, after 3 month we have contacted Ms. Paruvatham, who is working at “Union Office” also taking responsible for “Amma Marriage Thittam” which is in Thathiengarpet.
She replied, “TN Government transferred your fund to us but WE (they) unfortunately transferred to some other accounts”. They asked one-month time to resolve this money transformation issues. My parent accepted that and came back to home.
Then, one and half month later my parent met the same person again. She said, still it is in process asked to come next 10 days. My parent told we are too old, we can’t walk from home to union office also asked to do favor for us. Finally, the person said, your amount will come within 10 days. Please come and meet me the same time.
My parent went to union office as the person promised but the person replied the same answer. My parent is vexed.
Personal Meet:

After one month, I went to native my parent conveyed this to me. So, personally I met them. I have noted that, AROUND MORE THEN 10 FAMILIES had the same problem. It seems painstaking situation. I really shocked to see this kind of problem.
The person replied the same answer to everyone. “COME AND MEET 10 DAYS LATER”. There is no possible to transfer more than 10 families to fund amount to wrong account number. They are trying to do something.
I have noticed, the people are looks like uneducated, who reached union office for marriage fund. So, Sir I am giving open statement, the person trying to fool people.
Finally, I told, please transfer the Marriage Fund amount to respective persons else I will give you the complaint to Collector and Commissioner office. Then I returned home.
We didn’t receive any status from them.

Here I am not complaint for my family, more than 10 families had the same issue.
Today I spoke with the person, she told, I am going to relieve next month, you come next week/month I will arrange it (Same answer).
I don’t have any idea, how they are going arrange the money. Please do the help for us Sir. I have attached the telephone conversion proof for your reference.
We don’t have any reference to resolve it. We believe you.

Amma Marriage fund referral link:

My Contact:
Sankara Krishnan V,
Musiri (T.K),
Trichy (D.T) – 621214

Union Office Address:
Union Office,
Near to Government Boys Higher Secondary School,
Musiri (T.K)
Trichy (D.T) – 621214

I am ready to provide the more details about this. Please help us Sir.

PAO(ORs) BEG Centre Kirkee Non adjustment of PTO


I am serving in GE(P) Air Force Suratgarh. Till date no PTO’s has been adjusted. PTO Number 0/0005/2018 to 0/0012/2018 dated 16 Apr 18 & 19 Apr 2018 has been submitted but not adjusted. Our rep visited your office but he has been intimated that error in package. Sir it is requested to look into the matter to resolve the error and adjust the long outstanding.
Thanking you,

CC Road Very Bad Condition ofRoad

We are facing lot of problems due to road being dug and not being restored near Vattepally Achireddy nagar Falaknuma ,Opp.Masrath High School .sir we are Facing lot of problem due to drainage system, school children face lot of problem in rainy season due to drainage system .we pay property tax ,income tax ,Electricity bill on time ,but we dont have any facility .when we tell to area MIM leader he will tell that soon it will come, budget is not there .we all Syed Khaleel (police dept),Mazhar khan(SI of police dept),Ali Uddin(Principal of Masrath High School),Khurshee Ansari(Electricity dept).kindly request you to take necessary action for the Road pleas sir.

IFB Worst service ever

I bought an IFB washing machine(Model: ELENA AQUA SX1000 , serial no. 012969150730056408) on 24/09/2015 with 4 years of warrenty. The detergent dispenser drawer is automatically opening due to the vibration of the machine. I gave many compaints but still no one came to rectify it. Still, no service is done from the date of purchase(nearly 3 years). Now, the drum is also giving a different sound while running. Please take necassary action immediately. Orelse, I will approach consumer court for your worst service against your warrenty.

State Bank of India Harsh and Rude behaviour of SBI Branch Manager

Asha Sambhudevan
“Vaishnoyanam”, TC 43/422(1)
Kamaleswaram, Manacaud PO
The Natioanl Consumer Complaint Board

Sub: State Bank of India Branch Manager Misbehaved – Registering of Complaint Reg:- Ref: SB Account Number 65290129993
I had taken an Agriculture loan of Rs. 50,000/- from former Bharathiya Mahila Bank(BMB), which was located at Kamaleswaram near to my house. I had been punctually repaid the EMI. But later the Bank was merged with State Bank of India. Hence the Loan account Number was changed and there was confusion for the repayment. Mean while the Branch itself was shifted from the Premises at Kamaleswaram to Ambalathara (2 Kms away). Hence I could not continue repayment of the EMI. Now a notice has been received by me for the repayment of Loan with a new account Number 65293408680. As such I have approached the Branch Manger Smt. Sheela B.S, State Bank of India, Ambalathara Branch for closing my Loan by remitting the entire loan amount. But unfortunately the Branch Manager misbehaved with me very badly in front of the staff and other customers. She unnecessarily shouted at me. I was got insulted on the harsh and rude behavior of Smt. Sheela, the Mnanger of SBI, Ambalathara Branch. I ha!
ve remitted the entire balance amount of my Loan; I closed my Account and surrender the Locker immediately since I cannot bank with the branch in future because of the disrepute I got from the Branch.
I request that kindly take immediate necessary action against the Branch Manager Smt. Sheela B.S for insulting, harsh and rude behavior with a valuable customer of the State bank of India. Thanking You
Yours faithfully
Asha Sambhudevan
Mob. No. 9495904203

Alliance University prostitution is going on in alliance university as well as VBHC(chandapura) bangalore

I am BALAGI D explaining about matter of alliance university ( Bangalore ) which some boys and girls are facing obstacles because of this cheap kind of girls , where I found some cheap kind of information from VBHC ( Chandapura) are as follows :-
During the period of Madhukar Angur ;- Many boys and girls are went for VBHC ( Chandapura) and staying ,this cheap kind of boys and girls got the advantage for college is closed for more then 3 weeks and enjoying the life in VBHC ( Chandapura,Bangalore) .
Drinking ,smoking ,is common thing for this cheap kind of boys and girls but many seniors citizen ,faculty of VBHC, member of VBHC are caught for many boys and girls for doing PORN VIDEO in late night party VBHC
Some private room where this boys and girls are doing sex racket Business and earning lots of money ,she is the leader of the Groups , Many parents ,Seniors citizen are complaining to Madhukar Angur about this matter then also some girls are spoiling the name of VBHC society .
This girl is harassing any boys and girls and always asking money to many boys ,if any boys are not gave the money then her entire groups is harassing any boys and girls in very bad manner.
IT’S very bad to say that About one girl Name – RAMANDEEP CHAHAL from Alliance University Bangalore ,she is very cheap kind of girl ,she habit is spoiling the name of any innocent boys and girls, she is addicted to take drugs ,wine , Cigarates in very bad manner , she is very disgusting kind of girl , making rumors about any innocent boys and girls .
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I got the information from ALLIANCE UNIVERSITY BANGALORE , one Mamta ma’am she is handling the work in admin block of alliance university , she gave information about this girls , she is Spoiling the name of any boys and girls like – creating anything (Rumors) , making fight , making the gang to beat any faculty ,staffs, student s without any reason .
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This girl encouraging to many boys and girls to do this Porn Business, She is threatning ,harassing , torturing any boys and girls with the help of ( GUNDUS BIHARI GANG ) ,
She already got the complaint from Chancellors Madhukar Angur then also , after this she is not listening any thing and spoiling the name of college, society as well as environment .
We the people don’t want to spoil the name of any students but this girl is crosses the limits , she need some strict punishment .
I am kindly requesting to all , please arrest this kind of girl as soon as possible , During the period of former chancellors Madhukar angur ,This girl is caught for ### many times in hostel nearby library, admin, as well as baithroom also and earning the money .
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This is wrong perception to all every time – boys are always did mistake , if when girls are did any mistake then they should be, must be deserve equal punishment , this is kalyug I am discussing some girls are spoiling the name of environment .