MODEL 2006 ("Purchased in 2006")
(Company mileage stated 90 km/ liter) ; (I received up-to 80).
1. Company mileage stated is when they test it or make it "RUN" on a conveyor belt. When the same is run on road there will be a difference of approx 15-20 km.
2. The complaints as stated above as Knocking down, speed is low, vibration etc. etc.

## Today 09-04-2017 ; I receive 50-60 km / liter (After 11 years of Driving on almost all types of roads, roads where the water is filled up to to the silencer, places where the road is not done similar to village roads )
The main issue here is :-

1. the kind of mechanic you go to (Even when the parts of my bike are not available I still prefer Authorized TVS service center only)
Reason — TVS service center will make your settings of carburetor and other parts as per company standard.
2. The engine oil you use.

Reason :- I was always told to change oil and put TVS OIL available at service center.
YET, I have been using GULF MOTO 900 ML (20w40) + NULL ON 100 ML (Which is making my bike run for 6 months)
Null on protects your Piston ; Bearing ; Clutch plate ; Carburetor etc . Cheaper or under standard engine oil which is being used for more than 6 months will increase the amounts of carbon in the engine and then start destroying your bike parts.

3. Where do you fill your Petrol
Frankly speaking in Pune there are more than a DOZEN petrol pumps which have particles in their petrol (Due to unclean tanks or other reason where again you Carburetor is harmed. )
My star city on IDLING does not sound like the bike is running (As it gives a smooth flow of engine oil through out)
3. The chain Spoket ; clutch plate ; spark plug ; air filter ; Within all these parts, there are a few parts which does not have a fix time period or life.

The wear and tear and damage or replacement might be needed at any time if the engine oil you use is cheap in price or When you are using a newly changed engine oil for more than 6 months.

Please google for what type of engine oil is used for which climate. Viscosity and thicker or thinner oil etc.

KEA (KARNATAKA EXAMINATIONS AUTHORITY ) Karnataka examination authority

I went for document verification at KEA for PGET 2017-2018 on 5april 2017 from Punjab to Karnataka travelling so much distance just for document verification. Sir I was given a secret key and user id because of some discrepancy with the administrative department but still after affidavit I was given user id for choice filling.But now when I am applying for choice filling it’s coming invalid. Now even after applying and getting user id I’m not able to do choice filling as my user id is made invalid by the department because of some grudges with department