3 Denim combo shirts offer Wrong product delivery…Fraud

It is very sad that the product ordered is not in good condition and the specification mentioned in the order. We are unable to contact the vendor. The Phone numbers mentioned on the courier is not valid. I am trying to return the product from the day I received the product. Please do something on this. Someone need to take action on these people. It is better to go to consumer court and to lodge a complaint against them. Need the amount back from this fake online dealers

Electrical substations అవినీతి మరియు అన్యాయం

Respected C.M.Sir

నా పేరు ప్రశాంత్…నాది అనంతపురం జిల్లా…నేను B.tech E.E.E పూర్తి చేశాను…మా జిల్లాలో కొత్తగా రెడీ అయిన మరియు అవుతున్న Electrical Substations లో Shift Operator Job కి Apply చేశాను…అన్ని అర్హతలు ఉన్న నాకు జాబ్ రాలేదు…నాకన్నా తక్కువ Percentage మరియు నాన్ లోకల్ ఉన్న వాళ్లకి అందులో జాబ్ ఇచ్చారు…ఇదేమిటని ఆరాతీస్తే వాళ్లు ఆ Substation సంబంధిత Contractor కి ఒక్క పోస్ట్ కి 4 to 5 lakhs amount ఇచ్చి తెచుకున్నాము అందులో MLA గారికి అలాగే S.E. గారి
ి కూడా పాత్ర ఉంది అన్నారు…ఇలా మా జిల్లాలో ప్రతి ఒక్క Substation లో ఇదే పరిస్థితి…ఇలా అయితే నా లాంటి అన్ని అర్హతలు ఉన్న నిరుద్యోగుల పరిస్థితి ఏంటి సార్…. మీరే నాకు న్యాయం చేస్తారు అని ఆశతో ఈ complaint ఇస్తున్నాను….దయచేసి త్వరగా ఆక్షన్ తీసుకోండి…

IRCTC pantry car complaint regarding sale of expired soft drinks in train

I am traveling with my family from parasnath station in Jharkhand to new Delhi in purushotam express(12801) on 30 july 2017 and found sale of expired soft drinks thumps up and spite bottles 500 ml in train.
thumps up bottles mfg dates are 06-05-2017 and best use before two and half months from date of manufacturing .
spite bottles mfg dates are 20-03-2017 and best use before two and half months from date of manufacturing .
after so many complaints and very long discussions with pantry car manager he accept his fault and apologize .
after 2 hours we found the same practices are running they are selling same expired materiel in train but this time sleeper coaches earlier they are selling in ac coaches.this time we oppose this practice very strongly and warn manager to stop and change all stock available in train with new one and he promise us he will replace all stock.
after an hour when we visit pantry car to check we found manager left the train in middle and ran away. my worst journey details are as follows:
travel date: 30-07-2017
origin : parasnath
destination: new delhi
train name: purushottam express 12801
coach and seat: A1 seat 3
pnr no: 6400015366
name: mitesh jain
mobile no.: 9711450000 9213362532

Symphony Fauly product seems to be a manufacturing defect

Post lot of complaints the only way to resolve a customer concern is refund and that is what I am looking to get after such a pathetic experience.
Now I want to let complaint board know what kind of product and services has been given by the symphony.
I have raised first complaint in just 20 days post purchasing the product as water pump got burnt (Complaint # GH-HM-20E17011)
For that engineer visited and replaced the water pump.

After that all the issues has started like hell and all the water which we were filling for cooling was thrown through the Air blower continuously.
I got fed up with that situation and again registered a complaint at customer contact center ( Complaint #GH-EL-16E17012) dated 16th May 2017. However no one was even bothered to contact their customer post that complaint. Then again we have contacted the customer care department for the same complaint but contact center guy informed that you can contact the engineer directly then according to the customer care information we have contacted the engineer who asked about current situation and previous repair history then we have informed that water pump has been replaced once. then all of sudden that engineer denied to provide the services and informed us to call the same engineer who has replaced the water pump.
Post that no engineer visited for approx. for 10 days. then we have raised one more complaint on 26th May 17 complaint # GH-EL-20E17001) But not resolution given by symphony.
Now again complaint raised to resolve the issue complaint # GH-EL-10G17015. Engineer visited but unable to fix the issue.
Now I wanted to know from symphony if customer has purchased the product for summer season and not be able to use the product when required then how can customer keep that product with his/her.
All I want is refund nothing else as it seems to be manufacturing fault wherein symphony engineers are unable to fix the issue post 5 trials.
Now situation is that neither is symphony taking the responsibility to provide satisfaction to the customer nor service center is trying to fix it.
Now I am looking for justice and that is why I am going to send a legal copy to symphony for providing me this horrible product as well as wasting my whole summer. I have purchased the new product then why symphony is doing experiments on their customers as it has to be tested before releasing it to the market.
Symphony made my life hell and miserable as I have purchased this product for summer reason but I was unable to use it.
My who family suffered due to this product and services.

Contact number:-9650055700


I am not a ration card holder. I am receiving msges on my mobile no. For ration card no. ############. Kindly discontinue this card and take appropriate action.
I received this msg on my phone no.
Your Ration[############] Wheat(KG):25, Rice(KG):10 for August, 2017 delivered on 22/07/2017 20:07:00 at Shop No:7128, M/S CHANDER BHAN. Kindly guide me to raise my compalaint to concerned authorities.

BSNL, Trichy D Vijayakumaran

My Landline phone No. 0431-2444287 was not working. I lodged complaint 4 times this month alone. After each complaint the phone will be rectified and works for few days . For the last five days both landline and Broadband are not working. When we contacted BSNL customer care a standard reply will be given that " within 24 hrs it will be rectified". But till date nothing is done. We are unable to use the landline for 15 days due to fault of BSNL, but we are paying the full rent for this month. You please tell us IS IT JUSTIFIABLE.
This month I have given complaint 4 times and every day contacting your customer care executive in 1500 in which they inform us that are projecting the matter to higher level to sort out the issues. But nothing has happened till date.
Let me come to Broadband connection. When We installed BB, the BSNL personal comes to our our house to configure the modem. Now they insist us to bring it to their office. After getting the modem they are not committing when it will be returned. We are totally unhappy with the BSNL System.

Kindly help us to rectify the Landline and Broadband Immediately so that we can use the BSNL service.