IDEA CELL BILLDESK MUMBAI Fraud call received for transaction

Fraud Call received
Dear Sir,

I have received a phone call from num +917248055661 my reward points are expired and i can get cash back of Rs. 5000/- adjusted against my reward points for shopping.
They asked for my credit card details such as my date of birth and 16 digit card number. I was suspicious and asked how could I believe it. They mentioned to send the OTP. Then they asked for my Credit Card No. & CVV and informed that 5000/- each will be credited immediately. After providing OTP 4 transactions were done and in 10 minutes I got to know that it was for fraudulently spending money from my credit card.
The transaction was for IDEA CELL-BILLDESK MUMBAI IN.

Request you not to settle the transactions as its a fraudulent one.
28/06/2017 IDEA CELL-BILLDESK MUMBAI IN 5,000 was spent on my SBI Credit Card 28/06/2017 IDEA CELL-BILLDESK MUMBAI IN 5,000 was spent on my SBI Credit Card 28/06/2017 IDEA CELL-BILLDESK MUMBAI IN 5,000 was spent on my SBI Credit Card 28/06/2017 IDEA CELL-BILLDESK MUMBAI IN 5,000 was spent on my SBI Credit Card Total around 20 K

Request u to stop the transaction and I have filed an FIR against this.
[email protected]

Crowne plaza carrers Whether the appointment letter is true or fake

I have received a mail from [email protected] regarding the job they just send me a interview form through mail and replied me back that I am qualified for this position and ask me to contact their personnel here..

Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts
Liverpool Airport, Speke Aerodrome,
Speke Rd, Liverpool L24 8QD,United Kingdom

Dear Applicant: (C. Gowtham)

We are in receipt of your mail and its contents have been acknowledged, At this point all your employment letters and visa documents have been faxed to our agent there in the British high commission embassy in (India) You are therefore directed to contact the agent on the following contact information bellow, Make sure you call him on phone.
Contact Information.
Full Name: Sir David Bevan
Email ID: [email protected]
Phone Number: +91-7042238794.
Address: Visa/Permit Department UK Embassy.
Shantipath Chanakyapuri, 110021.
VFS Office New Delhi India

And you are required to send him the below information.

1 Your signed copy of your appointment letter
2.Your international passport copy
3.Your recently taken passport photograph
4.Your CV/Resume

The above mention contact details is the direct and personal contact information of Counselor for Consular Affairs British embassy New Delhi India, You are required to corporate and with maximum respect the Counselor needed from you because he will be using his personal influence to secure your UK entry work permit visa which will be two years and six months work permit visa and it’s renewable after the said period of time.
Crowne Plaza Resorts Hotels will be expecting your visa confirmation before (10 days) and your arrival in London will be not less than (2 Months) after visa confirmation. Note that you are to take care of your visa fees expenses and charges during this process and always keep me updated on the excise. Be informed that the embassy has been waiting for your call for verification and to start the visa process immediately.
The embassy will let you know what it will cost you to secure work permit visa to united kingdom. Your air ticket will be send down to you immediately you confirm to us that your visa have been issued to you and our company will refund you whatever you have spend during the visa process. The refunding excise will take place here in Crowne Plaza Resorts Hotels after three days of your arrival along side with three months additional salary to make yourself comfortable. Congratulations ones again and I welcome you to London in advance.

Kind Regards.
Philip Mark
HR Manager.
Telephone: +448703215561, +448703214975.

I would like to know the details about this When I searched for the personnel’s number 7042238794 I got the name as car cleaning Sohanlal

Kindly help me in solving out this issue

My email id is "[email protected]"

Jal Kal Vibhag Varanasi पानी की आपूर्ति न होने के सम्बंध में ।

सेवा में
अधिशासी अभियंता
जल निगम
बी 20/1ई दुर्गाकुंड भेलूपुर
वाराणसी उ0.प्र0

विषय;- पानी की आपूर्ति न होने के सम्बंध में ।

आपसे निवेदन है ,कि प्रार्थीगण की गली मे पानी की पाइप लाइन तो बिछा दी गयी है ,परंतु उसमें पानी की आपूर्ति बाधित है । जबकि प्रार्थीगण के सामने वाली गली में पानी की आपूर्ति की जा रही है । जिसके कारण इस भीषण गर्मी मे प्रार्थीगण को काफी परेशानी का सामना करना पड़ रहा है । अत:, पानी आपूर्ति कराने की व्यवस्था का आपसे अनुरोध है



1- (आलोक कौशिक)

2- (आलोक चंद राय)

3- (ए के गुप्ता)

4- (सुरेश राय)

5- (श्यामदेव यादव)

मकान न0 1-सी 33/208घ, 2- सी 33/208-1, 3-सी 33/211 ,4-सी 33/208 1GA 5-सी 33/208 स
चंदुआ छित्तुपुर सिगरा वाराणसी

ksrtc bus kl 15 /6988 accident

The KSRTC bus (KL15/6988) driver racing with another KSRTC bus came and hit with our car on 26/06/2017 near Morayur,Malappuram district.At around 6:30pm.The bus was heading to Nilambur.
Our car was held up in a traffic block at that time.The bus came and hit at the right side back door of our car and the body of the car got damaged. The driver was very rash and irresponsible. He spoke as if nothing happened and was unconsernd and least bothered.He simply replied "do whatever you can,i don’t care".The driver should be punished for his wreckless driving and careless attitude Reginald M Nelliat
Karuna Nagar
Ph: 9847248375

Teledata informatics Ltd Exit/Delisting of Teledata Informatics Ltd

Received email from [email protected] regarding delisting of Teledata Informatics Ltd on 27.06.2017. It has been informed that the value of the equity shares has been arrived at Rs 36.11 per share after valuation as per SEBI delisting regulations 2009. I have 600 shares and amounting to Rs 21666/- as per the valuation. How and whom to contact in such a situation and recover what little is left as per the valuation. Need to know how to exit from the share holding of this delisted company. Email from [email protected] says the onus of giving exit to public shareholders is on the promoters. But the email Id of the promoters is not available on the NSE web site. Please guide this senior citizen.
Arvind Katiar

Samsung Refrigerator top freezer door not opening

top freezer door not opening immediately for samsung rt47k6358SL. However, after 10 mins it opens. when i call up the customer support number they have no idea and keep asking do this and that which are not relevant. Finally they want that the service engineer come and thus they charge.
[email protected]