Ramraj cotton Store cashier

The behavior and handling of customer is very worst
Today at 12 noon i went to your branch at Mayiladuthurai for purchasing of nose masks
I told to show the size of the mask one staff opened with his bare hand i did not touch the mask but i told to the staff to give a fresh 2 pack of mask not this pack in this time the cashier told to the staff dont give the new pack give that pack which is already opened by your staff with his bare hand i refused to take that pack but he forced to sale that to me.
this period is very sensitive period so only i ask that new fresh pack immediately i refused his opinion and came out your shop and purchased 3packs from poomer showroom near busstand.so please teach your staff how to handle the customer smoothly not by forcing to purchase their own desicion or display one piece of nose mask in order to see the size,shape of Nose mask to the customer or not to show the mask or any other product by bare hand
This is my complaint of your branch cashier are Mayiladuthurai. please take necessary action to your cashier in order to avoid other customer facing like this problem again.

hyderabad drainage complaint Drainage connection

Sir am resident in Kukatpally allwyncolony Hyderabad beside our house a naala flows. As the Drainage√Ęs are over flowing because of pipes were layed in different sizes in past as of now because of overflowing can Drainage√Ęs Be connected in to naala beside our house by that smell many people can be health wise effected while nala is open flow

PAO (OR) EME secunderabad CL-2 grade pay not adjusted

Sir my army no 17008105x cfn Sawant Sandip nathuram my cl-2 pay not adjusted in pay slip.I upgrading CL2 passeed do2 no -############ dt 20 Jan 2015 (wef 23 aug 2015) .my present unit 187 fd wksp 7012 eme bn have two time observation submitted to copy to eme records and pao (OR) Secunderabad but not reply to this case. So I requested sir please kindly this case and reply pleas immediately…..

Yours faithfully
Cfn Sawant Sandip
Mob no 9545417501

Anganwadi Gujarat Mrs kokila ben bad behavior and not listening

Kokila ben vadodara khate aavel gorwa vistar ma janakpuri ni aangan vadi ma kaam kare chhe. Me mari wife nu pregnancy na paisa leva baabat nu form june-19 ma. Bhariyu hatu haju sudhi ek oan hapto aavyo nthi me aa baabat par kokila ben jode vaaat karta temne kidhu hatu k me form aagad moklavi didhu chhe. Have mane kai puchhvanu nhi.fari var me jai ne puchhyu to keh chhe mane khabar nhi tame tamari rite tapas karavi lo. Me ward office ma jaine tapas karta janava malyu k emne maro mobile number j register nathi karavelo. Aju sudhi e ben dhakka khavdave chhe. aa problems sokve karva vinanti. M. No: 90333 60928

Rivigo Services Pvt Ltd Most Curropt Company – Rivigo

Rivigo is the most curropt corporate company whose accross we came in our logistic journey , they are totally unmanaged only based on their tech support and people who are sitting in their ac offices and passing orders without understanding the consequences , they are dreaming to change the way india do logistics with there relay model whereas they dont know the smallest problems that come when you come in this field, they have no control nor any measures to control mishappening on road or any misconduct by vendors who are connected to them. If you give them your stock they will charge 100 percent advance but if any moshappening happens they wouldnt support you anywhere, all decision are being taken from AC offices like this is a very organised stream ( no realtime problem solvinh) .

We hired a truck for transportation Ex-kashipur to bangalore on 12 feb 2019 in vno MH46AF9024 agaimst there proper performa invoice and the truck was loaded and set off but it didnt reported on 18th as per expectation even after continue tracking from day 2 . Tge owner Lakhan sharma (rivigo’s supply partner lied to us continually) …The stock was urgent so we got very anxious and gave a strong track om the location of vehicle , still rivigo and lakhan sharma took 5 days to tell us the location on 23rd they finally revealed that half of our stock is transhipped in some other vehicle and both of them loaded illegal counteraband liqour from haryana , 1 vehicle reached mumbai and other was caught by police in gujrat. To our utter shock Rivigo didnt do any effort as we believed in the company and its reputation we didnt lodged complaint against them in police but Rivigo didnt concider that . Instead they asked us to logde a claim against the stock saying they will help rai!
simg FIR against vehicle owner and they wamted to clear there name from between nor they wamted to run for stock recovery .

Till that day they havent updated us about our syock location nor they are able to give the address of thier partner who has done fraud with us . On our personal investigation we came to know that lakhan sharma was just a driver with vehicle owner who these Rivigo guys registered in there portal as there partner. Die to all these issues our work with the consignee company stopped which was about 1 cr anually also our payment was stuck till they made a decision of deducting 10,62000/- from our outstanding payment.

Now all tge story os pointimg to the fact that Rovigo itself may have been involved in this case and they must have been partners with pradeep kumar owner of vehicle in this hedious crime of transporting contrabamd liqour thatay be the only reason of not giving us the excat location pf our stock and their Partner

So i request all the companies , eneterprises and all mybfellow transporters that dont fall in this scam otherwise you dont know someday your stock is also caught by police with any kind of illegal stuff which may get you in trouble.


Dear sir/madam,
I am a resident of 1/2/a,anantaram mukherjee lane,ward no 28. For more than twenty years,the people of my neighborhood throw garbage at the certain place attached to our house.The exact place is our backyard. As a result, we face huge problem like fowl smell,piece of dirty trash in our room etc.Several times we fell ill due to poor hygiene consequently.Please note, we have a room attached to that garbage area where we eat, spend maximum time. We can not afford any other room in this regard,therefore,we tried to pledge to the neighbors who throw garbage on that area. But we failed as they never stopped. Today,they have thrown some extreme dirty materials creating huge public nuisance. The pile of garbage often blocks the passage creating hindrance to the passerby too.Recently,one neighbor got infected in covid19. Now in this situation,keeping the neighborhood clean is our sole responsibility. I do not want any garbage on my house backyard which not only is harmful for my hou!
se but also unhygienic for my locality as even one pile of garbage can spread corona virus too. Hence,please take immediate measure to stop such nuisance. Thank you. Regards,
Saheli Ghosh
1/2/a,anantaram mukherjee lane howrah 711101
ward no 28
[email protected]