I am not a employee of Still seeing the complaints I could not resist myself.
First of all simply a programming language can’t secure an website, whether it’s Java or PHP. Remember Facebook is using PHP to develop its application, it does not mean that you can breach its security as it is not using Java.
To secure an website first of of all you will need to expose it through HTTPS not HTTP. Apart from there are different libraries available for different languages, you will need to implement those.

Tata Tiago Power and gear transmission issue in Tata Tiago

Dear Sir/Madam

I am Kerala, that i purchased a Tata Tiago(XT) petrol 2018 October model on 28 February 2019 from MK Motors Kottayam.

From the beginning on wards it is facing a huge power issue while down shifting from 4 to 3 and 3 to 2, it was very difficult to climb even a small hill. After 1st service they updated ECU software, and 40% of the issue was solved.But it is still a big problem for car. It is very difficult to overtake when it is an emergency situation. The other problem is with the Gear Box (Gear Shifting), when i shift the gear it is not falling in the correct position and huge sound is heard while shifting from 2 to 4 and 4 to 5. Most tremendous problem that i found was the vibration on the Gear liver. Never expect this in such a good car.

Please treat this as a major issue and find a immediate solution for me.

Thanks and Regards

Excise department. Stop construction work for open beer bar near temple

The Collector/ Excise commissioner
Bhilwara Distric

Dear Sir,

This is to draw your attention to one of the most serious matter in our society i.e. construction for opening of a beer bar near temple.

one desi liquir shop already on there now a beer bar construction also going to start and near a shiv loard temple,

Already a wine shop in near shubash nagar thana behind of petrol pump love garden,center of the colony creating lot of nuisance to the residents,particularly women and children.The residents are scared of moving in the colony during evenings and night times.The drunkards are urinating in front of apartments openly.The cleaning /sweeping of roads are not being done by GVMC The sanitation conditions are very poor and causing breeding grounds for dangerous mosquitoes its also effect on pepole comes temple .We request the District collector to take immediate measures and lift the wines shop from near temple area and stop to construction on near beer bar at lax-mi nath tower.

Thanking you for your time.
ALL SHIV Temple Team

Sakthi Medicals find my login id
Forgot my user id and password
i forgot my registration no and user id and password also. kindly help me in getting tat back. REGISTRATION NO : MDP2016M00010370
DATE OF BIRTH 05/05/1977
KINDLY MAIL TAT TO MY ID: [email protected]