home loan Base rate to MCLR conversion not done


I Akash MD home loan customer of SBI, bearing account number 64179543458, branch name "Shankarapuram branch", had raised multiple times request forms to convert from Base rate to MCLR and making regular followups since two years, but untill now no results. My account is still charged with base rate interest, which is premium by atleast 0.85%. And I have been overburdened by the extra interest payment.
I also contacted the branch manager, AGM, and also RACP manager. So, whenever I followup they inform there is some technical problem and the system is not allowing to convert. The same thing they are telling since two years. Don’t know whom else to contact…
I request once again to please convert my account to MCLR to the earliest or else make some arrangement so that I get the fair interest rate, and I get the differential extra interest paid untill now retrospectively from the date of my MCLR conversion application submission.
email ID: [email protected]


Dear Sir/ Madam,

My NSVP voter form 8application ID -OHY813477653 online status ONLY SUBMITED on 31/09/2018. And final step of accepted/rejected is pending from long time so I didn’t received voter card till date.please provide information regarding this.
Already I have raised this issue on 21 October 2018, Still I have not getting any support from your end.

Thanking you
Rahul Nandi

Axis Bank Unnecessary deduction in name of consolidated charges

Hii !!!! My name is Atul Kumar . I don’t know what’s going on with Axis bank. Are they fooling people or what? Without any description they deducted 579-579 for 2 times total 1158 at salary time at name of consolidated charges & then till 1st Dec’18 it was showing -579 in my account & at the time of credit of salary an amount of 3540 deducted at name of consolidated charges . I contacted to their phone banking officer , i asked them to explain for the whole amount but they were unable to explain the exact & then they disconnected the call. I have their recording. Today again in spite of 25k account balance again i got deduction of 4002.48 & then at same time of 720.45 . Again i called & they were unable to explain. Now it’s high time , I will go to RBI & consumer court for this . Even phone banking officer is telling we can’t give surety of deduction from next time even aftr maintaining balance of 25k . Are you people doing!
fraud in name of consolidated charges. I will go with proper recording of calls of so many time when they were unable to explain & disconnected the call. But without any intimation bank deducted approx 8k/- in name of consolidated charges from account. I try to spoke to customer care but no once ready to help .
After long time good relationship the back i don’t want to end this engagement to this manner . Need your help to get back my money.

Now I want only full explanation & full refund of my hard earned money.. You people will learn a lesson now . I can’t sit back after going all this .

MY contact : +917008963735
Email : [email protected]

IDDOPBNK I recieved a fraud massage from IDDOPBNK

Today I received a massage from IDDOPBNK that 1000.00 credited in my A/C & total amount in A/C is 3000.00………..But I have no A/C in this bank….. So pls remove my mobile number . Someone’s is misusing my mobile number looks like some fraud activity…… I will not be responsible for any activity with this bank or this banking transactions…. So pls remove my mobile number & block this account …….

Muncipal Corporation Road condition from Mancherial bellampalli chowrasta to bypass road


I am from Mancherial constituency. I would like to bring to your notice about the road condition from Mancherial Bellampally chowrasta –> bi-pass road. There is no road till now from chowrasta signal towards bi-pass road. I have been seeing this situation since from my childhood and got to know that the road was under court case. Even the first left road from chowrasta was in severely damaged condition.
There are many hospitals in this area. It is becoming very difficult for many pregnant ladies and old people to travel on that road in autoes and bike.
We people are bearing this many years, this was not solved during the last trs government. I would like to bring this problem to notice to our beloved CM KCR Sir, KTR Sir. We support TRS and expect this to be solved as soon as possible.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Let me know if you have any questions and for more information at [email protected] .
Thanks and Regards

SURYA GAS STOVE THREE BURNER Surya Aksh 3burner gas stove yellow flame comes from bottom

I was order Surya crystal 3 Burner automatic Gas stove but received Surya Aksh 3 Burner automatic gas stone on 27-7-2018 from mogilx order Id No. 2325556; for the begining that there is some problem that the yellow flame is coming from the bottom and there is a risk. If any mishappenning occurred than your company is directly responsible. This product is under 6 months warranty. Pease get repair it or replace it or send customer care Number to look into the matter urgently. My contact no. 9988622652. Awaiting your early reply.

Nios headoffice Nios October results withheld

Respected sir,
My name is vishal bidhuri . I gave the sr. sec exam of NIOS class 12 in the month of October 2018. The result was declared on 15 Dec 2018 but my result has not been released yet . My result is withheld . I dont know why is this happening to me . I didnt even cheat .
Sir i hope that you will understand my situation . My whole career depends on this result . Please help me in this situation . My number 8448511202 My enrollment no ############.
Plz help me sir..!!


I had purchased two policies from PNB METLIFE bearing numbers as stated below:
1) ############/2009 MET SUVIDHA
2) ############/2013 MET MONEY BACK

It is submitted that policy no.00886195, purchased on 31/03/2009, policy name; MET SUVIDHA, I have paid three installments of Rs.7311, total amount; Rs,22,533. After that, I wasn’t able to pay the premium due to my financial issues and the same policy has matured of 31/03/2018. I’ve contacted Metlife on toll free number: 1-800-435-6969, on reply from their side, they said that as the premium wasn’t paid uptil the last date of installment so, you don’t have the right to claim the total amount of Rs.22,533. On the other hand, as we’ve paid the amount of Rs. 22,533 which is to be paid on the completion of policy with interest. Therefore, I request to consider the matter and help us to settle our claim and get the premium paid amount with interest.
Policy no. 21140482, dated; 30/08/2013, policy name; MET MONEY BACK, payment mode: Rs. 20,000/ Annual. I’ve paid ‘one’ installment of Rs.20,000, further, I wasn’t able to continue with this policy too given my financial issues, in the above said policy which is to be matured on 12/08/2023, the reply was the same by PNB Metlife that "we can’t refund your money and you’ll not get anything as you’ve not paid any premium and only one premium was paid by you". Therefore, you’re requested to consider my matter and help me to settle my claim. Expecting an immediate action from your end against PNB METLIFE. Thank you,
Nemat Budhiraja
Phone no.- 9255164005
Email Id- [email protected]