Swatch watch office Complaint against cancellation charges

I booked tickets for darjeeling to travel in 17th June 2017, but unfortunately due to government strike, I am forced to cancel all the tickets. I think that it’s all your responsibility to consider all the passengers who are travelling to darjeeling during this time not to take the cancellation charges, as irctc is also related to the government actions.This would enhance your honour and all your millions of passengers would be satisfied with this. I think irctc is cheating the trust of all the customers, it would be good if you refund all the cancellation charges of all the customers. My pnr nos. are: 6500418735,6700447710,6100418168.

globus honda rc not recived from last 8 month



Respected Sir,

with due respect, I am to state that we have purchased 4 nos Activa scootee
from Globus honda Motors, showroom , G T KARNAL road, delhi, dtd on 28/10/2016. bearing veh no. DL-8S BY 9629, DL-8S BY 9679, & DL-8S BY 9642 & another one.

We received all the three SMART CARD RC from showroom after 15-20 days. But one of the RC of
veh no . DL-8S BY-9679 registerd in the name of SANJAY AGAWARI, house no. 5, Dr. Mukherjee nagar, delhi-110009, yet not received so far.

We have contacted the showroom, more than 20 times, they assure you will get RC next week, but all in vein.
we have also contacted transport authority, wazir pur, delhi personally, but we get harrassed from both sides.
You are requested to please look into the matter, and arrange to handover the RC to me as early as possible, as I am facing challans from traffic police without RC.
Hoping for favourable response.

Thanking you,


S/O Devki Nandan
house no 5, Dr. Mukherjee nagar,
Mob no : 9868207755, 9868324647

ICICI prudential life insurance ICICI Pru is not paying the money back

This is regarding my ICICI prudential policy number 20646986.
I have surrendered the policy online by filling surrender form, signed it and submitted at PN palayam branch Coimbatore. This was back in beginning of March 2017. While filling up, I have clearly mentioned that the money should be electronically transferred into my NRE/NRO accounts.

ICICI Pru came back asking me for fill another form (Freelook form). I filled in the same details again and submitted it. Again in this form, I mentioned electronic method of payout. I was told that direct deposit will be done in 1 working day after receiving the form. I believe it was on May 6th.

But For whatever reason, the cheque was sent to PN Palayam On May 19th, Coimbatore branch & I was asked to collect it from there.
So we got collected the cheque from the branch. When asked about why the cheque was sent instead of electronic transwer, the only answer they had was "We only give cheque sir & payout cannot be done to NRE account". As I was already tired of dealing with ICICI pru and went through so much pain, took the cheque. Also, the cheque was made payable to my NRE account.

Went to ICICI branch R S Puram, Coimbatore and deposited the cheque. While depositing no questions or documents were asked.

After 3 days, I got an email saying the cheque is being returned. Now I reached out to ICICI bank for the answer, I was told NRE proof was not provided, as the cheque was only payable into NRE account.
So, I reached out to ICICI pru asking information. On May 27th, I was asked to send another form (electronic payout) over email, so that they will transfer the money into my bank account. So I filled the form and sent to [email protected] on June 7, Till now, no response was provided about it. All that I got was one email saying "Senior manager is looking into it". I even called the customer care line, that person who spoke over phone just mentioned that I will get reply in 1 day. Never received anything till today.

So I decided to submit the cheque again with all the documents they wanted, on June 13th, the cheque was again deposited into R S Puram, Coimbatore branch along with repatriation letter (which was received along with cheque from ICICI Pru). This time, the cheque was directly given to the NRI banking staff who opened this Policy.

The same evening, the cheque got returned back to me by speed post. I dont know why your bank returns a cheque from your own product.