I had purchased two policies from PNB METLIFE bearing numbers as stated below:
1) ############/2009 MET SUVIDHA
2) ############/2013 MET MONEY BACK

It is submitted that policy no.00886195, purchased on 31/03/2009, policy name; MET SUVIDHA, I have paid three installments of Rs.7311, total amount; Rs,22,533. After that, I wasn’t able to pay the premium due to my financial issues and the same policy has matured of 31/03/2018. I’ve contacted Metlife on toll free number: 1-800-435-6969, on reply from their side, they said that as the premium wasn’t paid uptil the last date of installment so, you don’t have the right to claim the total amount of Rs.22,533. On the other hand, as we’ve paid the amount of Rs. 22,533 which is to be paid on the completion of policy with interest. Therefore, I request to consider the matter and help us to settle our claim and get the premium paid amount with interest.
Policy no. 21140482, dated; 30/08/2013, policy name; MET MONEY BACK, payment mode: Rs. 20,000/ Annual. I’ve paid ‘one’ installment of Rs.20,000, further, I wasn’t able to continue with this policy too given my financial issues, in the above said policy which is to be matured on 12/08/2023, the reply was the same by PNB Metlife that "we can’t refund your money and you’ll not get anything as you’ve not paid any premium and only one premium was paid by you". Therefore, you’re requested to consider my matter and help me to settle my claim. Expecting an immediate action from your end against PNB METLIFE. Thank you,
Nemat Budhiraja
Phone no.- 9255164005
Email Id- [email protected]

Wipro BPO Wipro Medical Amount Not Received since last 2 years

Hello Wiproties
Mr.Azim Premji Sir Unaware of all this facts and facts about Wipro BPO Complaints in Lakhs. Hr of Belapur Mumbai Maharashtra india office Sunil Yadav is class less HR ever I have face he told me and pressure to give resignation on medical and said Wipro Azim Premji Sir Will pay me all Medical Benfits Rs 1 Crores To 10 Crores And Given Not 2 Months Salary. Myself fight for my rights since last 2 years email them but their Settlement Team is in Tamil Naidu And Kerala That Staff not know English Properly. Chavan Mayur CM SAHEB
Jai Maharashtra Jai Hind Jai Maratha
[email protected]
I will fight for rights Rs1 Crores To Rs 10 Crores And 2 years dalary Rs 10 Lakhs Modiji

Sahu enterprises Selling without bill stock

Some of distributors are purchased without bill material and sale it in market. They dnt have to pay anything to sale tax department as well in incometax department. But who have paid sale tax they face problem due to that distributor. 1. Sahu enterprises
They sale memory cards and robotek accessories in market without bill.. And robotek accessories in underbilling..

Insightsonindia Scam/fraud

This guy Vinay the founder of insights IAS has dubbed crores of money of innocent IAS aspirants who are in no position to complain about him because of his strong political background and those who did he blackmailed them calling at their parents the last week of July we all started our course at insights IAS Bengaluru giving a good some of rs.94400 each(total above 800 students) he promised a lot to all of us that he’ll change our future and all ,and that he’ll give so many services which he mentioned in the mail.after a few weeks we realised the situation is different and the faculty itself is having some issue with him within few months the faculty left his institute leaving all of us helpless and later he came up with new new plans which he didn’t follow at all and just manipulated everyone of us .when we went to him he threatened us to log fir against us so that our career will be destroyed before it gets started and that he good influence in poli!
tics.i have Return statement of all the people who sufferd because of him and all the evidence which will declare sec. 420A and 420B over him and for such severe crime he’ll get a good time in jail.i don’t want my money but I want this guy to return money of other people who are coming to him and atleast show some ethics by now.its High time .you love to come on TV na you market yourself well but my evidences will tell the innocent upcoming aspirants the truth and will now make you now infront of law and order .

Whatsapp Unknown person. Adding my phone number to different group s

Hi daily new members from WhatsApp groups are adding my numbers without my concern to their groups and not getting the courtesy to take permission . This person name shree ram and the group name as updated group 1 is adding me repeatedly to his group for about 2 days. First time I quit later he is adding me again back to his group. Day in and out so many of them are doing this without taking concern from the individuals. Request you to banned such people phone numbers 9033128076 this is his phone number. I hope you will be serving best in the industry.

Khosla eShoppe / Khosla Electronics Replacement of defective refrigerator received

Sir taken Haier BMR from Khosla branch on Tonk road Jaipur Rajasthan on 24th of nov 2018. RCD fridge on 26 th. On 28th demo person came and opened the fridge There were several scratch on door. Complained on customer care with complaint no. J20181129103565. After follow up I was told that your BMR will be replaced by store itself and company has approved the exchange. But after 15 days still sales person Kaushik and BM mr. Brijraj is saying your changed BMR will be delivered today evening by 8 from past 3 days. Several times they even didn’t picked my phone.