Tamil Nadu State Panchayat Irregular clearance of garbage of Vengaivasal,East Tambaram,Chennai.

I am a resident from school street,vengaivasal.Garbage in our area is not cleared everyday.Since two months
they are not removed garbage regularly.They are coming once in a week or once in ten days.Before that they collect garbage from doorstep regularly.It is very hard to keep garbage for ten days at home.So kindly take appropriate action against this. Thank You.

Mumbai local central line Without ticket travel in first class

There are many people who travel in first class local compartment without ticket in peak hours after 4 pm and till 11 am in the morning in between Thane to Titwala. We therefore request you to kindly take serious actions against it. Its really disappointing even after paying first class charges travelling like a second class compartment. There is no different facility provided if the aforesaid issue is considered. Request you to kindly send ticket checker squad on frequent intervals to resolve the difficulties faced by us.

LG 3D problem in LED

LG technicians are unable to find fault in my 3D LED TV which i am facing after software update.Technician for hiding their inability said that my TV is working well even though I show them the error in my TV. At last they were saying that it is impossible to correct the error in software its better to replace PCB board of LED to get previous version of LED TV and they will charge for it whereas the problem is in software not in hardware then why will i pay for it. Hope for a best solution from LG.

Dr. Mani Dutt
[email protected]

Illegal Water Plant Unauthorized RO Water Plant

We live in Pondugala Village, Mylavaram Mandal,Krishna District,Andhrapradesh-521230 . This is OUR request for you to please take necessary actions on the person (Prathi Purna s/o Prathi Srinu)who
is running water plant illegally and drains away 40,000 to 50,000 liters per day, at the same time they wasted water in same quantity. Running water plant without permission and causing severe damage to the general public and also they are operating their business in a domestic area in the middle of the colony. They are misusing the groundwater in the colony and selling the water cans and started an illegal business. Moreover, the water is being wasted where at the other end our colony has suffered from the scarcity of water and WATER LEVEL WENT DEEP DOWN. All the Borewells in the colony are dried up. Please look into the issue and take necessary actions on them.

Vengaivasal Panchayat,East Tambaram,Chennai. Irregular clearance of garbage of Vengaivasal panchayat,Chennai.

I am a resident from school street vengaivasal,Chennai. Garbage is not cleared in our area regularly.Since two months they are not removing garbage regularly,before that they are collecting garbage from doorstep regularly.But now for two months they are collecting garbage once in a week or sometimes once in ten days.It’s really bad to keep garbage for days at home.So,kindly take appropriate action against this. Thank You.