Fraud done for Job in UAE

Now its more than two year in the 2017 one of the support staff contacting me and promised that this product will give 100% job in uae market based on it he charge . The name of staff is Mr Jogesh Sharma . I have to account number also were I transfer the fund for each step. Finally come to know this site is fraud.
My question how the indusind bank has open the account against this service firm.
So I am requesting to touching height to retuned my money we I had transfer in your account.
waiting for reply

Quess Corp Ltd UAN Name date of birth and father name not correctly

My self Bharat Parmar
UAN NUMBER:-############

I have been following up with Quess PF team over mail from past 12 months in a request to correct my date of birth and name change getting no help.
I shared joint declaration form and supporting docs to team and was in conversation with Miss Aishwarya, and Naresh.Ch
they assured me number of time that it will be one within sometime. But to the extent of their negligence to work, docs are still not submitted to EPF Office Hyderabad.

I am in a urgent need of money and these people are just passing Day by Day.

ClearTrip Scam

On 4th of December 2018 I posted a complaint for ClearTrip to attend to. Had written quite a lot of information in my post with regards to the pathetic service I received from ClearTrip and obviously a refund for the service which was not provided. A support person then initiated a chat on this website trying to resolve the issue which was regarding the refund. He asked for my source account details which I used to book my flight so that the refund can be processed. A=Then after few days a person claiming to be ClearTrip support employee then called me on my mobile using his personal mobile number saying he wants to verify my details of which I complied, only to find out he then wanted my CVV number which is very sensitive information to give out especially over a non-recorded line. Firstly he should not be even calling me from his so called personal mobile number and should be calling from the company land line number so that it’s at least authentic. So I denied and sa!
id I can’t give out the CVV number of the card, and the person just dropped the call. I think he also mentioned about OTP post giving the CVV number. Now I went back to website; logged into my account to check my original complaint post, surprisingly it had disappeared. Also the person who was on chat trying to resolve the issue of refund has decided not to respond now.
It seems like some fraudulent activity is going on internally either at Complaint board support team or ClearTrip, whereby my banking information along with my mobile number was leaked to a third person (outside to make the call) and an attempt to make a purchase using my card details was made.Since I didn’t not provide my CVV it was not successful. The person who called used this number: +919601774994
Again, a service failure from ClearTrip.

CAMEO CORPORATE SERVICES LTD Demat of Physical Form of Shares of Indbank Merchant Banking Ltd

Claim of 100 Shares of Indbank Merchant Banking Services Ltd from IEPF and credit Dmat account with Religare Securities Ltd.
Folio No:008783 C. no: 9062 D. No: 2405201 to 2405300.

Name: V.Sugumaran

D Mat. No. SU2985

IN 301774 ( Religare Securities Ltd) Client I D No 14465397
I am a Retired Officer of Indian Bank and I have purchased 100 shares of the above company while I was working in our Walajabad branch. Subsequently, I have been transferred to various branches and retired from the services during 2006. Hence I have not received interest warrants and other related correspondence regarding the above shares which is said to have been sent to the branch address. On 25.01.2018, I have sent the shares to your company for D mat. I have received a letter dt 02.02.18 from you, requesting me to submit a claim to IEPF since the shares have been transferred to them. On 27.02.18, I have submitted the claim as per your instructions. I have received a letter dated 28.02.18 from you, pointing out some mistakes in our submission. I have resubmitted the claim on 09.04.18 rectifying the mistakes.The shares have not been credited to my Dmat account till date. Also, there is no communication from your office. I have contacted your office- In!
vestor Section & Dmat section- a number of times. There is no proper reply from them for the delay in the process.