I have an account with Sahara credit co-operative society [Bangalore branch]. my amount matured in December 2017. but amount is still not refunded .
date- 16 Apr /2019

Gopinath S P
mobile no.- 9591323864
A/c no.: 12293700796
pin code- 560079

Road traffic officer Panvel raigad Maharashtra Cheap & abuse Behaviour of Auto Driver

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I hereby filing my complaint about abrupt, cheap and abused behaviour of Auto-rickshaw driver Registration Number MH46-AZ4021.
Incident- Myself Chetan Khambe (Age 33, Resident of Panvel) along with my Mother (Age-62) took auto from Orion Mall to Panvel railway station on 16th of April, 2019. Distance hardly of 800/900 metres and can be commuted from two routes. At one route (Via Municipal Water reservoir) Municipal men were erecting underground pipeline, so it was remain closed. On other way, some part of traffic as so many buses were entering and exiting from ST bus depot. It was rush hour and everybody was in hurry. After sticking for few seconds in traffic, Auto Driver said you will charged for Rs 60/- as traffic is spoiling my time, otherwise leave auto here. After so mush discussion he took auto aside and get down from auto saying its not your fathers auto and leave the same immediately.He also used some indecent words in local language.After some struggle, we finally leave auto and took another one.
Such behaviour is not accepted in order to providing transportation services. In Panvel, nobody use meter and the same is showcased in auto for display compliance. For short trip also they charge Rs. 30/- and impatiently misbehave with passengers. Sometime auto drivers don’t accept short trips, otherwise charge almost doubled. Please look into this and take necessary action so such auto drivers can refrain from misbehaving with passengers.

Auto Drivers Pic is attached here for reference.

With Best Regards,
Chetan Khambe

Kaveri grameena bank Why can't take maximum loan up to 30000lakh in Kaveri grameena bank

Respected Sir/Madam

For my self employement. I applied husbandry (Karnataka governament scheme) loan in women and child department. Women and child department My application forwarded to my hold in KAVERI GRAMEENA BANK,THOLALU. But bank manager told can’t give maximum loan (30000lakh), also our bank merge to another bank. From 2014 I bank holder in Kaveri grameena bank. why can’t take maximum loan in Kaveri grameena bank? Please inform me and further complaint suggest me.

With Regards

LIC Agent My name and branch code is wrong in LIC e feap records

आदरणीय श्री मान में अभिकर्ता के रूप में 1984 मार्च से आज तक निरंतर काम कर रहा हूँ मै 1988 से ZM’S Club के सदस्य रहें एबम 1999से आज तक अध्यक्ष क्लब में हूँ मेरा ऐजेंसी कोड 00240558 है नाम शिव नाथ पाल है तथा मंडल कार्यालय हजारीबाग है कुछ दिन पहले मुझे शाखा प्रबंधक जी से पता चला कि मेरा नाम EFeap में गलत आ रहा है । इस संदर्भ में उन्होंने कई मेल भी कर चुके है मगर अभी तक सुधार नही हुआ । अतः आप से आग्रह है कृपा कर !
इसे सुधार करने का कष्ट करे जिससे आगे मेरे तथा मेरे परिबारों केसाथ कोई दिक्कत न हो

ICICI Bank Wrong Transaction through UPI From Saving Account no. 628401523470

It is requested to wrong transaction was done on dated 12.04.2019 at time 5;30 PM Rs. 885/- , When it was depositing your Electricity Bill.
But the said electricity bill is not deposited but amount Rs. 885/- transferred to other account through UPI – [email protected] freecharge to UPI- (GIRRAJ PRASAD JANGID) Mode. FC Transaction ID – AXIFRC115EF96AE4120A2099EA68DE5FC69 .
UPI Transaction ID- ############ Transaction on 12 April 2019, Friday,5:30PM
Account holder requested you that debit amount Rs. 885/- so please credit in my account no. ############ of ICICI Bank Saving account. Thanking You.

Your Faithfully
Girraj Singh
ICICI Bank A/c No. 62401523470

Contact No. 9211441449

HDFC BANK ONE ASSIST MFEE Hfdc one assist mfee

HDFC Bank are the one who directed me to ONE ASSIST but really this company is not taking any request and auto payment mode is activated in my credit card. When I asked for the HDFC Bank help they are not responsible.

I din’t expect this irresponsible behaviour from HDFC

I’m using HDFC CREDIT CARD SINCE LAST 4 YEAR CARD NUMBENDING with 8**4.My account is activated with ONE ASSIST MFEE and charged Amount 1299 Rs with out my knowledge. I want to cancel the unauthorized plan against my Card, and also credit my money in my credit card which you have deducted in my credit card account.

Also this is unfair that you cannot deduct the amount from the credit card without prior notice through call/message. And HDFC Bank also has to recheck this issue with the Auto Payment modes.

This is th2nd year I’m requesting again for the cancellation of this ONE ASSIST plan. Please kindly take a notice and CANCEL the plan and repay my amount Rs.1299 as soon as possible.

So request you to please cancel this activation against my credit card, and refund my money also.

HDFC one assist customer care number 9956557460