Mountain Club Resorts Pvt Ltd Fraud Company looted my money

This company fooled me on 16th August 2016 and sold me 10 year membership for Rs 86,500 by giving false informations. Since then I have tried on several occasion to use my membership but they make some excuses due to which I have not been able to make use of my membership. I have spoken to various people but nobody is willing to help. This week I realised that all of their numbers are either switched off or out of service or not answering. Their email id has changed as well and the new id was never communicated. I somehow got hold of the new id but they are ignoring my mails. I want a strick action against these people and want my hard earned money back.

Gaurav Sharma (+919-9718347399)

Agarwal packers and movers kolkata Delivery of consignment

One of the worst movers and packers, i really trusted them in the beginning as they showed lot of promises and commitment. My shipment has reached Bangalore on 3rd April and since that day i am following up with their team, to deliver my consignment. Everyday they arw telling it will happen today but its not happened yet. Their behaviour is so rude and unprofessional, they are not interested in understanding your problem. Please stop harassing the people, you are taking a good amount of money at the beginning only and thats how you are giving your service. Super fake, cheap and worst movers and packers.

Renault Duster issue

My car KA05MS1100 is giving continuous issue but unable to fix it. Initially hear was getting stuck in first gear which they changed the synchronizer.
Later steering had issue which they replaced it. They mentioned clutch is weak so I changed the clutch to new. After that clutch started giving sound which they identified as sleeve cylinder detached which they fixed. Now I again I get the same clutch sound and they are in the process of changing the clutch peddle. Not sure how I can trust my car anymore. My car is still under warranty and I don’t want to spend few more lakhs to challenge it. Pls give me a proper solution to it or compensation so that I can be of peace of mind

Municipal Corporation Gurgaon Monkey menace


I am a resident of Block – M, South City 1, Gurgaon. For the past one month, we are facing serious problems regarding monkeys. They come twice a day and in a group of more than 10-12 at a time. There have been at least two cases of monkey bites in our area. In fact even elders are afraid to go out now.

Please help us in this situation

Resident M-71

IndiaBulls Double payment

In my personal loan disb NO IPERKNCO1042016 In this loan a/c last EMI rs 6912 .I already paid rs6700 via my rbl credit card through patym. The paytm transaction id no23905984688 dt 9/04/ your collection rep came to me the amount not credit. Pl pay the amount immediate. Iam paid the amount by cash and got recipet
The receipt no 838376 dt 13/4/19. So iam paid two emi pl refund the excess amt as eary possible. Thanking you. Regarding Srinivasan Rajagopalan. Cell no9884468809

PMAY Home Loan Subsidy ICIC housing loan subsidy


Dear sir iam Rajshekhar i hve taken housing loan againest affordable housing in DHFL in 2016 March thats time i hve fill PMAY form and the bank offical says its applicabe in only after full payment.

After 2 year i have chage my loan from DHFL to ICIC at last install ment time 2018 due to high interset rate, thats time bank said we have provide all benfit to us and again fill PMAY form. After month i have recived a latter from ICIC they told yoar from rejected due to loan bank transfer.

pls sugest what can i do any solution or any route cause.



[email protected]

email protected Money not transfer

My name is shrikant kumhar and I have an sbi a/c 20243976350 transferred Rs 5000 by useing phonpay upi sbi UTR -############ transaction id – P1901071842545589992 money was deducted from my SBI a/c but is not received in shrikant kumhar Union bank a/c 553302010015381 as per phonpay upi sbi it’sthe glitch from SBI bank please resolve it . Baneficiary name shrikant kumhar
Sbi A/C 20243976350
Transfer amount 5000
Transaction Id – P1901071842545589992
Date – 07/01/2019
Kindly Resolve

,Complaint Registration Form]

TV9 Telugu APBCL making employees work for very long hours

Being a govt sector,APBCL employees are working for very long hours from last 2 3 years in eluru. They start working around 8am to night around 11 12pm. Very less staff and new employees are also not being recruited to make work shared. This is being hectic during summer as the work needs to be done outdoor in a very polluted area with heavy loaded vehicles around. Please telecast this so that govenment takes an action on this and helps employees to lead healthy lives. This helps to maintain timings and new employment in the place of retired employees rather than making current staff loaded with heavy duty.

Manan Underage driving in influence

Resp Sir/Madam,

I live in Mukund nagar area near swaregate. the other day there was this auto rickshaw MH 12 HC 3017, being driven by an underage driver with no lisence and he was drunk. Driving rashly, cutting everyone on the road, abusing and eve teasing. He dashed into my bike from the side and then blocked me in the middle of the road, came out and started abusing. after being surrounded by people, when asked he said his auto is owned by a local don and he works from him and if anyone touched him, they would be killed instantly. He was carrying a knife like weapon which he was trying to scare us with. He snatched my phone and tried to run, but was caught and beaten a little bit. As i tried to call the police, he ran away in his 3 wheeler barely missing a pedestrian.

Today in the morning while driving to work, the same guy followed me half the way with 4 of his friends and tried to stop me but fled the scene after spotting the traffic police deployed in that area. I request you to search for the vehicle(MH 12 HC 3017) and take strict action against the goon driver.

Thaking you,

RRB NTPC EXAM REGISTRATION Unable to register for RRB NTPC after payment done

Hi Sir,

I had registered for RRB NTPC CEN (01/2019) ( : 2811162963) on 31 March and also paid the examination fee,it was also debited from my account. But in the railways page after logging in, I see that the status is not yet paid. Could you please see that my registration is completed with correct status of fee payment.

Thanks in advance,

[email protected]