Signal Officer-in-chief, Army HQ, New Delhi Cheating by Major Mohit Wadera , Signals Division, Indian Army

From :
​​R. Nagarajan
​​C/o Mrs Latha Sundararaman,
39, Karikalan Street, Kurinji Nagar,
Chromepet, Chennai 600 044

To. Lieutenant General Shri P. Mohapatra,
Colonel Commandant of the Corps of Signals, Signal Officer-in-Chief,
Army Head Quarter,
New Delhi

Respected Sir,

Sub: ​Cheating and Malpractice done by Major Mohith
Wadhera – to take appropriate action

​I am an resident of M-160, Sector 25, JALVAYU Vihar, Noida. I am a business man. I am self employed now, prior to this I was working with one multinational company as country head. Major. Mohith Wadhera and his father Yogeshwar kanthwadhera permanent residents in R/O 3C, Sector-28, Noida, Uttar Pradesh were close family friends to our family. Major Mohit Wadera is presently posted in Signals Division of Indian Army.
​I respect our Indian army because of their dedication and sacrificial attitude for our great country. In fact, I was the one who filled the application form for Mohit Wadera when he applied for Army, after his dismal school final examination.
​In the year of 2013 Yogeshwar kanth Wadhera told me that entire Gold and Silver Jwellery belongs to his family were stolen at their ancestral house at Pathankot, Punjab. A case was registered by Pathankot Police Station in Crime No. 44/2013 u/s 379,380,411 IPC.
​Later on he had stated jewels were recovered by the police. And it was returned back to Major. Mohith Wadhera by the court at Pathankot, Punjab State. The court laiddown the conditions that Jewelly and articles should be produced before the court during the time of trial.
​Further more he had given away from that 30% of jewellery for meeting the litigation expenses. Remaining 70% of jewllery Mohit and his father Mr Yogeshwar Wadera asked me to donate to some Charitable Institutions. That 70% of Jewllery contains around 2 ¾ Kilo Grams of God and 900 Grams of Silver, which were pledged and fund was raised and it was handed over to the charitable institutions. During the time of trial it would be redeemed and produced before the court.
​In the month of September 2015, Major. Mohith Wadhera came over to my residence and told me that The Pathankot court trial has commenced, court summoned him to produce jewells of 30% of Jewellery sold out. 70% has been pledged to give donation. Hence he could not able to produce before the court. So he was issued with bailable warrant and the same was pending against him since 7.7.2015.
​So he requested me to help him to provide money and my family gold ornaments. He also promised me to hand over as soon as he redeem the pledgedjewells and also my family gold ornaments and the evidence in the court is over on 16.9.2016.
​Being a Army Officer, I had immense faith in Major. Mohith Wadhera. I extended my help by provide 615 grams Gold ornaments of my family and borrowed 67.50 lakhs from my private money lender Mr. Balvendar Singh who is residing at Adarsh Nagar, Hisar, Haryana in the presence of his father.
​My car was provided with my driver and two mutual friends travelled along with Major. Mohith Wadhera to pathankot court as he requested. But, on 16.9.2015, Major. Mohith Wadhera had disappeared from Pathankot court.
Up​on hearing the news I was shocked. I tried to contact him several times. But I could not. On 18th September 2015 contacted and questioned, he told me that he was in Gauhati and that he handed over all the jewells to Governor of Assam, as Governor wanted the entire Gold, since at that time he was posted as ADC to the Hon’ble Governor of Assam. By this answer my whole family was shattered in to piececs.
Later on I used to insist Major. Mohith Wadhera to return money and my jewells. At one stage Major. Mohith Wadhera and his father had stated that they will launch complaint before police and put my family members into jail. So I made a complaint to Governor of Assam on 14.10.2015. In turn Hon’ble Governor assured that no harm would be done to my family.
At this stage without any option I lodged the complaint before Superindent of Police Gautambudh Nagar, Noida, Uttar Pradesh on 27.12.2015. With request to take proper action. But no one dare to take any actions against Major. Mohith Wadhera because he is an Army personnel. The documents to this effect is available with me.
​Respected Sir, I being spiritually inclined at all times, I have complete trust in the God, I extended my help to Major. Mohith Wadhera and his family only that he was serving the nation as an army Officer, and Army is known for honesty and sincerity. But, Major. Mohith Wadhera has an ultimate malafide intension to cheat me. Now my family is suffering with great loss worth around 87.50 lakhs by the act of Major. Mohith Wadhera, and every month we are shelling out huge money as interest for the loans taken.
​By their dangerous attitude, the fact that he and his father had threatened me over phone as well thru various mutual friends, now I have presently shifted myself, temporarily, from Noida to Chennai, Tamilnadu, where my brothers and family members live. So I request you to kindly take proper action against Major. Mohith Wadhera and enable me get back my Jewells and amount taken as loan which I had narrowed to bail out Major Mohit Wadhera.
​But, Major. Mohith Wadhera who has shown his character as a man of malafide
intension and misusing his post for cheating innocent person like me. So, I request you to kindly take proper action against Mr. Major Mohith Wadhera in this regard. I am
ready to appear before you in person and I ready to submit proper evidence in this
regard. I ready to appear before you in person, and I ready to submit proper evidence in this regard. Evidences like the court summons issued against the Major and telephonic conversations recordings and video footage of our CCTV wherein the the transactions happened with his audible voice too. Apart from this we have in our possession, the written submission of how Major Wadhera cheated the two people who went with him to help him. Also we possess are documents exchanged with the Assam Governor as well Governor’s office.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully,

Nagarajan Ramamurthy

Durian Furniture Durian fooling customers

I bought a Durian Sofa in a sale for 65K, thinking that a brand is giving 5 years warranty and will be long lasting, same stuff was easily available in open market for one third the price. The leatherette cover started peeling and estimate cost of repair is 33K. These companies are really making fool of customers with false promises and inferior material at very high price. Advice everyone to do a recce before getting trapped by selling gimmicks of these people

[email protected] Refund amount DTH

Name – Gulab Singh BAIRWA
Bank Name – bank of Baroda
Access number – 21178100009064
Translation id – S20955431
Cust Ref.No. ############
Date – 08-09-2018 Time – 01:44:00 PM
Debited VPA – [email protected]
Credited To – [email protected]

Payments of Recharge DTH â¹285 filled

Ravinrabharathi public school collecting extra money by showing different causes

The complaint is about Ravindrabharathi Public School, Prasadampadu, Vijayawada on collecting more money from students by showing different causes, My children are studying 5th and 8th classes in this school. they fix the school fees as Rs.21000 + 700/- for Sports for 8th class and for 5th class as Rs. 19000+700/- For sports. Apart from these fesses they collected Rs.4999/- for 8th class and Rs.4999/- for 5th class also.
Now again they asking to pay Rs.300/- for each child to participate in kids club. When we said not interested in that, they are replying that kids club is mandatory. initially there is no discussion about this kids club and more over teachers are emotionally torturing the kids to pay the fee for kids club.
This branch is having nearly 700 strength of students approximately. By doing this activity they are going to collect near by Rs.2,00,000/- from this branch only. this school is having around 30 to 35 branches in and around the city.
Here by requesting to kindly look into the matter seriously and take necessary action to avoid such extra burdens on parents.