IEPF It is not releasing my shares from iepf account

Sir i am having shares of escorts limited which is gone into iepf account and instead of doing many efforts i can’t be able to refund my shares. On the site of iepf they told me to downloade iepf form 5 and feel it and uploade to the site now with doing many efforts i can’t be able to uploade form because i can’t be able to ragistere as an new user as they told me to raise complaint on the site i have raced complaint 4 times but i did not receive any solutioni as a citizen of India i am requesting you to please resolve my problem my no is 9643051501 please help me

Chodavaram Municipal Panchayat Illegal Sewage besides College area homing snakes and dead animals and bad order

Non finished Sewage system now stocked up openly besides the houses and 4S Degree College in Balaji Nagar, chodavaram now became a highly dangerous home for snakes, snails, turles, and other life & health threatening sewage life bacteria, dead animals, plants and producing high pungent/sewage smell causing low air quality and spreading air prone diseases to the locality and students.
No one from chodavaram panchayath is taking care of the issue and we are left helpless. We are citizen of India and paying the taxes but carelessness on us is very heartbreaking and we want attention and help to restore safety and health in the area.
Please Please Please, someone who can help us with the issue.
We’re not some animals who are useful in paying taxes and voting machines.. we’re human beings and we have all the right to life safely and live healthfully. Please help us

Change of handset Change handset

Sir my phone has been damaged so I can’t use my handset already I put my sim in new mobile phone but when I login it show that u have to change of handset request . I did it but it show that IMEI no not process try it after one day. 8 days already gone. But still it shows. Why is the solution of this bcoz I m paying daily for travelling . I am all ready paid 1 year ticket UTS mobile App plz resolve the problem as soon as possible. Thanks
Krishna sah
Mobile no 8961272717

hdfc bank creditcard Deactivat Smart pay

I request to deactivate smartpay service of BSNLPRE for my number 9437184489 which is been activated without my knowledge and the amount is been deducted from credit card. I lost 100 rupees of hard earned money. I dont want my money be taken by HDFC without my permission. I don’t want this inconvenience to happen again.


Credit Card Unclaimed Transaction money deducted from my Card


I made a transaction of 62100Rs on 4th of Aug from my credit card ################ but It was not credited from my credit card.
When I called to your customer care on 6th of August and as per them the transaction which I made was unclaimed. So you executive told me that it will be credited to my card so I don’t need to pay it. But when I checked my total due, I found that the amount of 62100 was added in bill. I called again to your customer care and they told me that I have to pay this amount as the merchant have claimed the amount. But when I checked with Merchant the amount was not received to them. Also I did not receive the statement last month.
I would request you to please look into this matter. I will not make the single payment until this issue is not resolved.
Arun Joshi

Central Govt. insurance authority Central Govt Insurance Authority,

Hi Team,

Today I got a call from the 8929033631. The caller (JYOTI) told me that I have bonus amount due on my LIC policy. She was asking me questions about the information whether my LIC agent has given me the same info or not. She also knows my residential address and told me that a letter was dispatched on the same address.
Again and again, the question for me was whether I know about it or not. I inquired about the same from her She has the guts to tell me that the bonus is accrued since March 2018.
I asked her to tell me the exact amount of bonus, she replied it is Rs 123941, she gave me my file number as BT000……… After that she transferred the call to account department.
May be during conversation person got doubt or what he said that he will send me the letter related to Bonus.

SIMPLE FRAUD. How one can allow such companies to run and is the public really unknown/illiterate in today’s digital scenario. PLEASE STOP THEM….

Voltas AC Manufacture defect not given to new ac

I purchased March month just 20 days working after not cooling then complaint raised ..Ur service people come after 20 days put new gas again after 2 months using again not cooling please change the ac I think this manufacturing defect in 6 months 3 times this type of proublem your service agency says check ones clear check ones clear but no change again and again proublem…….plz replacement my ac.other wise give consumer court as soon as….

Fake call and message Fraudsters from pakistan

Hey like many of you, I got a message from an unknown number which when I checked on truecakker was a Pakistani number and it said in its message that I have won 25 lac as a lottery in KBC lucky draw prize. I messaged him on whatsapp to see who is on the other side and he was writing in weird Hindi. I got it and I threaten him to file a cyber complaint and then he did not reply back.
Beware guys, when you get any call or message from such numbers file a complaint soon.