HDFC Bank Credit Card HDFC credit card hidden charges


I was forced to take an HDFC credit card by their staff. The man kept saying "free hai madam… lifetime free hai madam" . I had specifically asked him if i would be charged anything in the future for it, and he said NO. Absolutely no payment required. But i got a statement saying I’ve to pay around 1500 for some One Assist thingy. I went to the bank to inquire and those dumb # apparently had no information about the credit cards. They said they only sell it, and for every other information I’ll have to call up a number. Like WTF?? These guys are just sitting there like salesmen and selling cards. And IMPORTANTLY..the man who activated my card did not inform me that he is also activating this one assist programme, neither did he tell me that i’ll be charged for it. And now i have to waste my money due to their efficiency.

HDFC Bank Harassment from HDFC Bank for their customers.

I am Vishal Arya & I am writing today to complain of the harassment given by HDFC bank to me & my family. I am holding a savings bank account in HDFC Bank (Account No.-50100066114306), Branch address: SCO-15, Sector-14, Gurugram, Haryana 122001. Recently on 31.07.2017, I have been charged Rs. 24,177.27 from this awful organization i.e. HDFC Bank. After consultation with its representative it has come to known that these charges have been deducted from my account against some dues of HDFC credit card (CARD NO.-4346XXXXXXXX1011). This is to inform that this card doesn’t belong to me & I have been continuously arguing with the bank staff that this amount have been wrongly deducted from my account as the mentioned credit card doesn’t belong to me and it is very sad to know that nobody is bothered about the same & bluntly refused to help me in this regard. I have had a discussion about the same with their staff members named as Mrs. Rashmi Chaudhary & Mr!
s. Anupam & it is very sad to know that both of them are not at all co-operating in this issue.
Most of my monthly liabilities are dependent on my salary & from my salary Rs. 24,177.27 has been deducted wrongly form their end.
This is also to inform you that I am being harassed a lot by HDFC bank & I am definitely not going to take it lightly as my family’s bread & butter depends solely on my salary & I will surely adopt all legal measures to get my hard earned money back. This is again to mention that it is quite a dissatisfying experience with this awful bank that nobody is ready to help the innocent customers & without any fault on the part of customer this bank is deducting their customer’s money on their own. This is clearly not acceptable & deserves a strict action against the organizations like these.
Kindly treat this matter on very immediate basis & help to get my money back to my account at the earliest possible.
Regards Dt:01/08/2017 Vishal Arya

BBBP, Bangalore Unscheduled Tarring of roads

This complaint is against the BBMP which executes the tarring of roads in an unscheduled manner causing huge inconvenience to the residents.
As we all know, there is space crunch in Bangalore and residents park vehicles (cars to be specific) on roads and virtually every house has a car in front of the house. When BBMP takes up the work of re-tarring the roads, the schedule is never informed prior to the residents. Even if voluntarily few residents ask when the tarring will be done, they say tomorrow. But that will never happen. The tarring will be done when the car owners are not at home. Now with nuclear families and all being working people inside a house, it almost impossible to take out the car whenever BBMP decides to tar the road.
Hence, requesting BBMP officials/staff to give a prior notice about the tarring of roads and kindly stick to the schedule. We all pay road tax and co-operate with the government and its work. We expect the same from BBMP and other government run entities too. I hope this is fair enough and acceptable.

Auto driver mis behave and over charge and RTO are not pickup the call for complain. Over charging by auto driver n roudly behave

I was travel Shivani international airport to Andheri East 5.08 AM at night.
Night charged not applicable after 5 AM But he charges.

4.7 KM total journey i.e 75 approximate (night charge.but roudly talk to me and take 150 RS as well as he.took one more passenger.when I ask this is sharing rikshaw he said no.and this my friend.i say ok.
But driver take 60 RS from he also.

Means total 210 RS for 4.9 KM.

I Want mailing address of Andheri RTO

Riya Rokade Delay of FEES

My name is Riya Rokade and I am a student of Joshi Bedekar College,Thane (E)
I am currently in the third year of BMS. I am an SC student and I had applied for the scholarship programme for the previous years, ie (First Year,Second Year).
I have not received the fees for the previous years yet whereas all of my other SC classmates have received so.
I hope you look into this problem and revert back to me as soon as possible. Thank You.

Email ID:[email protected]