sbi anywhere app beneficiary account is not credited fo successful pay transaction

Debit A/C – 30484988765
Customer Ref No-81010344826
Status —
Aadhhar No. for Credit -############
Transaction Date-11.04.2018 01.46.23 AM
Remark – Pay to aadhhar ############
beneficiary account is not credited fo successful pay transaction.
Sir, my bank acount has los money, while doing transition, give my problem to the sonnest.

Airtel No outgoing call for 25 April

I am using a Post paid no of Airtel for four years 7070356061. From 25 April my outgoing call stopped. When ever I diall number insufficient balance in your account is the answer. My net is working, incoming calls are coming, my bills are cleared. Complain lodged on 29.04.18 by 121, two emails send to nodalofficer till date this little tech error can’t be solved. Kindly tell me for how many more days I have to be patience .

Union pay Unsuccessful transaction

I’ve paid the fees of my brother named-rishi kumar prasad on 5th and on 6th of may of UID-181867111003093 and D.O.B-24 /10/2004 but the money got deducted twice and the fees is not been paid and the recipt is not generated either they asked me wait for 3 days but their is no refunds and no other updates. The payment was made through central bank of india account holder’s name- sonu kumar, account no-3584052509.

pmkvy training Complaint for a teachers and staff

Respected sir,
I have joined a solar panel technician course and the duration of this course is three months like what the staff said that to me i have given my documents in arround the first week we got the teacher to study but suddenly she left after that arround more than one month we dont get any trainer even in the begning they told us that they provide us all material specially books this is the mail thing for student but from the first day they lie to uh.
Now after some time when we got the trainer he teaches us to fast to complete our syllabus on time i dont get the the study properly now i have a exam on 14 may but if i fail in that exam so tell me who get the responsibility for that.