Ghitorni Village Delhi Bad roads

Sir, I want to draw your kind attention on the road in Ghitorni, near pani ki tanki.
This road has been broken From last couple of years and recently sever (gatar) work have been done and the condition of roads is very worst. We even can’t even walk from that road. Every time we drive from there our car bumps and water logging unbalanced road. I am not sure if anybody had complaint for this earlier or not.
I am afraid rainy season is going to be start and this will be a big huddle for us to travel through. Due to broken road, so many accidents have happened.

I hope someone will respond on my request.

E-mail : [email protected]

Ten Sports / Ten Cricket Ads interrupting live MotoGP telecast

It’s really ANNOYING!!!. Too many ads about TVS, Cricket, every minute in the middle of live MotoGP telecast. Even when the race is still going on. It would have been ok, if the ads were telecast during breaks, Or better yet after the whole telecast. Take a whole day for just ads, if you people like ads to that extent. I know there’ll be sponsors, and they pay you people for that, but there’s a limit for everything. There’s a particular time for that, cutting live telecast and showing shitty ads is just too annoying and really gets on people’s nerves and the same thing goes for Champions league telecast. And the worst thing is that they repeat 2 to 3 times in a cut. I mean "what the hell?" We get it if you people show it to us once. It’s like pushing your opinions on the viewers.! I really hope this problem gets solved.

sbi pension cell pension not credit as per OROP

Respected Sir/Madam,
I, JC-451227K Sub/Hony Lt retired from Army on 01 oct 2015.But my SBI bank branch not credit my service pension and war injury pension as per OROP cir No 555 dated 03 feb 2016 . Already three time application sent to my bank branch Jind. PPO NO -S /42678/2015(ARMY)
AC NO – 20036667598
Bank code – 16670
as per OROP my service pension Rs – 16090 x 2.57 = 41351/ pm as per OROP MY war injury pension Rs – 3860 /pm