Neeya Naana Being biased

I am a big fan of Neeya Naana, but you guys are always biased for girls.
Always making guys look like a fool. Very much irritated. Made a show last time having both mom and girls and the society made fun of the show or showed their frustration.
To cover up you invited guys and turned the needle against them. Now, projecting that girls who demanded dowry are innocent. I turned the TV off mid show, keep doing this you will loose guys support. Mark my words.

Kent Ro Very bad product

I am purchased Kent super TDs control from the Army canteen after 1year memron blocked of the machine. A company rep visit at my home and change memron and other filters of the machine on 18 SEP 2017. Now again comes the problem in the machine, I call the company rep on 02 Apr 2017, he declared again the memron blocked.
This is the Kent ro parts life. So I am advised to other friends please don’t purchase the Kent product from market or others stores.

Sub Manoj Ramola
New Delhi
Mob 7042668280



In the year 1992 March 31 The Industrial Development Bank of India, head office IDBI Tower, Cuffe Parade, Bombay 400 005, had sold their DEEP DISCOUNT BOND to my Father, then an NRI, in the form of promissory note for Rs. 2,700/- promised to pay 1 lakh rupees after the completion of 25 years, on 31st March 2017.
And now after 25 years they are not fulfilling their promise, but instead they are willing to pay only Rs.20,000/-
So please advise through this media what legal action can be taken against this bank.
This is not acceptable
This is cheating and daylight robbery.

Bond holder

paytm Unsatisfactory in refund of placed undelivered order causing loss of money through fraud people

From last 17 march 2017 I was contact with paytm through mail for refunding of my placed order saree which was not arrived to me.
They were contacting me through mail and was leak from any way that some 1 taken my atm card details and by an excuse of refunding money she withdraw more 4700 rupee from my account.
I’m totally unsatisfactory with paytm for delay in refunding money and mode of communication with customer with e mail that privacy and security of customer leaked n this kind of misbehavior happened.

I just want justice, my money should refund from paytm , refund of money withdrawals from fraud and bank charges on low account balance all should be Seattle down as per my complain. Proper investigation should be placed on.

Whirlpool Fridge is not working after 5 days of purchase

I bought a fridge on 26th of march was installed by a whirlpool guy on 29th of march 2017.After 5 days of installation the fridge door is not closing.
When i lodged a complaint..the customer care executive told me that i have to give the repairing charges as well as for the faulty rubber which may causing the issue.
Now after 5 days of purchase if the fridge stops working. How come they expect the customer to pay for the faulty parts they have sold.
I have used it for 4 days and no scratches.. No damages being made..
Instead of apologising for the faulty fridge they have sold.. They are asking for money.
I want my fridge to be replaced asap and i am not going to pay a single penny for it as i am not supposed to pay for the faulty fridge they have sold.
Seems their sells have gone down. So they have started this business of selling faulty parts and then asking money to replace/repair it.
I regret my decision of buying a whirlpool fridge
My SR no is KL0417001086

road Poor condition of the road

Dear Sir,

Edakadathy – Arattukadavu- Aithara road (Vechoochira Panchayath) still not started any work. Heard that, some cases are going on for the previous fund allotments. The road is in very bad condition for several years. If the road is okay, it will be very helpful for more than 1500 people for different purposes. Since the road is not good, one bus service started also got stopped (within a month).I think our MLA Raju Abraham also knows about this problem very well.
Sir, please understand that this road is a major issue for us including children to old people. We do not want hear any issues that cancelling this work anymore. We are also tax payers and we have the right to walk through good roads. Clear all the problems and give a new face to this road.
Hope that the responsible authority is hearing us. Expecting a sudden action about the same.
Thanks and regards

Arun Jacob