IPL Tickets for Mumbai Indians Match IPL Tickets for Mumbai Indian Match

IPL Tickets for Mumbai Indian matches were in the category of Rs. 800 , 1500, 2000.
On 1st day of online booking on 1st minute Rs. 800 tickets was not available for public. Directly Rs. 1500 tickets were available. Rs. 800 tickets are done black at stadium on the day of the match.
Alos the ticket price for Mumbai Indian Matches are so high than other teams. Kindly get the clarification on ticket charges. Who are authorise to fix the ticket charges under which law.

home loan Interest rate clarity

I, Narayan Krishnamurthy Iyer has availed home loan (Loan account – 620400005361) of Rs 33 lacs from LICHFL Pimpri Branch in Aug 2014.
The loan was issued on fixed rate of interest – 10.10% for initial two years, post which it was supposed to be at floating rate prevalent.
Nov 2016 – Post the lock in period of fixed rate, I emailed LIC asked for clarification on the spike of Rs 1300 in per month EMI, per me as the home loan rates were cut by RBI, even the rate provided by LIC should have been reduced. In response to my email LICHFL responded asking me to pay onetime fee of Rs 1150 to rewrite the loan at 9.5% (demonetization effect), the fee was paid and the rate was corrected.
Feb 2017 – Due to some documentation requirement, I emailed LIC, wherein again they responded me back asking me to repay a fees of 1150 to rewrite the interest rate to 9%.
Couple of points that confused me:
• In case of movement from fixed rate to floating rate, should not LIC housing finance use the prevalent interest rate set up RBI?
• Does not LIC Housing finance falls under the gambit of RBI, if yes, then why aren’t the rate cut implemented by them?
• Shouldn’t LIC proactively inform the customer about such rewriting of interest rate, rather than being reactive upon the customer reaching them?
• Despite paying the fees, the change in interest rate is effective next month, not the current month • When asked to clarify the BPS spread, not one responded back to my email.
Request you to kindly look in the above issue as many customer’s similar to me are being overcharged and asked to pay fees to get this corrected.
Per me LIC Housing finance has overcharged me for 4 EMI’s, these overcharge as well as the fees paid should be paid back.


I have applied a loan from HDFC for purchasing TV ( EMI Basis – Bajaj Finance Ltd). Due to communication error my 3 EMI was not paid on time and aferr 3 years only i comes to know that i have missed 3 EMI and i didn’t received any email notification from HDFC bank regarding this outstanding EMI. Recently(January 2017) only i received a call from Bajaj regarding the outstanding EMI and 13/01/2017 i settled all the pending dues and i received NOC from Bajaj Finserv ( NOC REF # 2351368 / Loan agreement # 4040CD00464442 dtd 30-04-2013). When i check my CIBIL Score it is below the mininmum, due to this I’m facing lots of issue. Kindly take necessary action to increase my CIBIL Score. Please find my account Number and Pan Card details below.
Account # 27101610000556
Pan Card # BKPPP4895L

Please check my credit card payment track also. EMI missed due to communication error.
Waiting for your response.

With Regards,
email- [email protected]

KERALA RTC Buses Won't Stop at Paruthippara Bus Stop


I am regular passenger travelling from Thampanoor Bus Station to Paruthipara near Kesavadasapuram in the morning and return in the evening via Fast Passenger. Not a single Fast Passenger towards Trivandrum stops at Paruthipara Bus Stop in the evening unless there is a passenger to get down at the stop. The Complaint Numbers in all the Buses has been removed purposefully. So I asked one of the Conductors the reason of non stopping of Buses at the stop, he said that as the stop one of the last points of the trip, the drivers rushes to reach the depot early. It is very very inconvenient for us on such irresponsible behaviour by such drivers. We can’t reach our destination and catch our trains on time.
Please take necessary actions against such drivers otherwise we passengers have to stand in the middle of the road to stop the buses.

Mobile No.7200565267 find the person who called and punish him

Dear sir
Some persons called to my number 9442314501 unnecessarily. I received a call from mobile no. 7200565267. Kindly i request you to bar unknown numbers calling to my numbers. And further request you to find the person who disturbing me from working and abusing bad words. I humbly request you to register my complaint and take necessary action.
Thanking yoy

With regards

Dr. E. Murugaesan, M.L.,Ph.D.,
Asst. Professor (Law)
Govt. Law College, Madurai-20.


this two Mobile number 8126463444 And 7895604222

this number call me and give offer two Reebok Shoes ,track cap etc nd Mobile in 7500 Rupees
and i give this 7500 Rupees in his men . he come in parcel near at post office . i payable rupees in post office Nd take parcel but parcel its empty Nd i lost my 7500 Rupees.

this two number cheated me . and also continue so please Rectified this No and action it. so no any other men lost his money.

Indian Railway Refusal of money (Railway)

I cancelled the railway counter ticket(PNR No.453-8763199) on 17-DEC- 2016.And I didn’t receive the money.I already send the counter file along with the bank details and pan card details to the Madurai southern division.And also I registered two online complaints with complaint id W/SR/MDU/000189275 and A/SR/MDU/000205654 .Both are closed with action that I need to send the pan card details.I already send the pan card details twice to Madurai division. Please let me know what should I do.Why the railway behaves like this.Its almost four months before I cancelled the ticket.