Swaraj Residency Stinky and Toxic Recycled water

We are facing tremendous issue with the recycled water provided by builder Swaraj Residency @ Moshi.
Flush water in toilets is recycled one which is stinks and is toxic in nature which can cause harm to us and over loved ones.. Many complaints has been done in Society and to builder as this facility is still under Builder however he doesn’t care at all. Please provide immediate support.
Each resident of the society is suffering and is bothered


BNPL SP Hub ANNAROAD CHENNAI speed post didn't delivered yet

My consignment no. EN476452899IN was dispatched on 25/03/2019 from your service but didn’t delivered yet.. I tried to track my item but still it’s in your courier centre, didn’t move an inch from your service centre… So it’s my humble request to you to kindly look after and deliver it as fast as possiible

stray dogs causing trouble for passersby stray dogs

Hi, This is Madhu sudan from Sector 28 Faridabad. I want to complaint about few dog who are ready to bite almost anyone who enters the lane and is creating a lot of problems. (lane with house no. 77 to 102)
There is this house no. 78 of owner r.k. sharma, they are providing partial shelter to these dogs and ignoring all residents complaint.

Entire neighborhood is the afraid as there they and their guests cannot walk free.

Please arrange for a pick up as soon as possible.

Pizza wings Delivery issue

I ordered pizza combo from pizza wings rohtak branch..call attendant said it will take about 45 minutes to deliver the pizza..but even after an hour they didn’t delivered my order and i called them again to ask my order status then they said order is in process and after that i asked them to cancel my order and on being asked they didn’t behaved properly and misbehaved with me.

Adhar card, voter I'd card and debit card and some rupees Lost of adhar card and voter I'd card and some rupees

I Ravi kumar student of central University gaya. I lost my adhar card, voter I’d card and my debit card and some rupees during traveling from train (gaya howrah) by pick pocketing on 15/4/19.i document were very important to me because my exam is coming soon and I have given as identity proof of these document. I have to carry this document on the day of exams on the Centre.
I went to Lodge Fir against my lost documents and items in police station gaya but they haven’t Lodge my fir against them. They told me that I wouldn’t Lodge your fir only write SANHA.
THEY also say so many ulta sidha word to me. This was accident with me that any one pick pocketing my items. It doesn’t mean I m careless and anyone can say anything to me. This incident can happen with any one.
If there will be any misuse of my document in future I wouldn’t be responsible for them. I went for lodging fir but they (police) didn’t.
Please take any action against this incident so that no any police can take the law in his hand. So that any people use their right without any fear. Yours
Ravi kumar

Baja Elite card mebership Bad service of Bajaj Elite (Digital Lounge) card

I applied for Bajaj Elite (Digital Lounge) card on 16th March 2019. I was told that I will be getting vouchers for 27000 Rs & IHO membership. Till now vouchers are not received and IHO has not contacted for membership.

Really Disgusting and third class service. After a one month without any notice, they have deducted monthly charges. Nobody is answering your queries and the number which is provided was always busy.

Please cancel this card immediately and refund my money.

Ajay Sharma

Stray Dogs Stray Dogs – Menace

I am a resident of Omaxe Heights, Sector-86, Faridabad. I am and other residents are facing issue due to menace of stray dogs in the society and the so-called NGOs running from Omaxe for these dogs merely for money.

I understand that this society is for both Human and Animals and we all have to live in co-existence but will this be possible at the cost of Human Rights? I love dogs and request every NGOs in our society/ people who feed these dogs to take these dogs in their home and keep it with them. By this, people will have more time with their love.

Stray dog menace (NHRC observation) – The Commission has observed that "while the measure of sterilization may help contain the increase in the dog population, it does not save or shield people from the bites of existing dogs. It looks like a ‘Human Rights’ versus ‘Animal Rights’ battle. This is not a problem of Delhi alone. The Commission has come across similar incidents in several other parts of the country. The situation assumes alarming proportions when one links the stray dogs with their contribution to Rabies disease."

These dogs are nowadays have started threatening kids and elderly people, there are number of cases available (videos) and kids can’t play, elderly people can’t take walk and it is really quite dangerous to go for walk in night times. With the busy schedule we have, we don’t have time to take care of our health and we have very few hours to utilize for walk that too in night hours. Kids nowadays are forced to remain in home and play with mobile/ watch TV as they can’t go outside due to these dogs. I would not like kids/ elderly people with dogs bite and all wounds on their body. We have seen number of videos where kids have died due to excessive bleeding.

I understand sterilization or rabies injection but it is not the ultimate solution. How these options safeguard people in the society/ (ies). Dogs will anyhow threaten them if Municipal Corporation/ NGO will sterilize/ vaccinate them. And also, as per Animal Right, how sterilization is a good option, it is a also a method to kill/ play with natural process. If we are so much in love, how people will love these dogs getting vaccinated to stop further rise in population. After analyzing these issues, we only left with two options (a) Either dog lovers/ NGO should keep these dogs in their home/ flat and take full care (b) state/ Municipal Corporation should dislocate these dogs to some dedicated areas where these dogs can live their life safely without harming humans.

The concept of co-existence of Human and Animal is great but in real-life it will not work until govt. will take serious steps. I love these dogs but love more the Humans (kids/ elderly) who are being targeted.

There must be some specific reason when Supreme Court had to release order for safeguarding these dogs but now situation is now 360 Degree. Now SC / government need to take steps to safeguard humans. NHRC can work to protect and file petition for terrorists but can’t take any action against these dogs. This is really becoming challenge.