Hello Star India,

We understand that Star has taken a decision to off air Kusum Dola airing on Star jalsha 7:00 PM IST every day.
We are glad and happy with this decision which was much needed.
However wanted Star India to investigate regarding few things
1. Magic moments production house has opened a Facebook page for Kusum Dola and here using some fake IDs, Madhumita Chakraborty was constantly insulted …about her physical look, her Character Imon in the show …
Production house has been claiming that this their page. Then how on earth is production house speaking allowing such things in a open page for an actress part of the show they are producing?? What is the inner connection behind this??
Anyone speaking in favour of Madhumita was banned blocked insulted.
2. Attaching screenshots where when the talks started that shoe will end, admin of that page stated discussion in public. Not sure if that was really allowed when Channel was yet to communicate n publish that.
3. Would request Star India to please investigate what was the reason of this downfall when the show was so popular.
If you take a look at this page, Roosha Chatterjee and Character Shruti was promoted to heights …for reasons not known to us. Inspite of public outrage they have constantly support the actor && Character… Channel has better data may be so request to please run an investigation. Why was Roosha Chatterjee promoted and if her Character was positive then why was it not potryaed in that way? Did production house take any kickbacks from Roosha Chatterjee or her family??
4. Aparajitha Ghosh Das was never the main lead. It was Madhumita who is the main lead. Then why production house is doing publicity of Character Rupkotha now with Ranojoy Chatterjee??
Always it’s a finding that anyone speaking against Aparajitha or Roosha were immediately banned blocked.. but People speaking against Madhumita were entertained. Request your investigation here.
If this is not their page n magic moments is no where associated then why were they promoting Maati film released under magic moments, Saibal Banerjee && Leena Ganguly?

A.G colony Stray dogs

Respected Sir,
We would like to bring to your sincere attention that we the residents of Ols A.G. Colony, Unit-4 are facing lots of trouble due to stray dogs on road . Even walking on roads have become troublesome and rest you can think how difficult and dangerous it has become for driving.
They start barking seeing people. Which gets people scared. I have seen people falling from bikes and bicycles after dogs chasing them for no reason. Which is quite dangerous.
They are pulling garbage out of the dustbins and spreading all around the roads.
I request you to kindly take these stray dogs away from the colony so that our colony may stay clean and people can walk on the road without fear.
I hope an will be taken regarding this issue as soon as possible as stray dogs are becoming problem everywhere.
Manoj Kumar
Old A.G Colony

ACT Fibernet Internet connection not getting fixed

Hi Team,

I would like to escalate my issue as my ticket is still not addressed by Act Fibernet till date inspite of my following up with the team. Ticket was raised on Thursday 9th August 2018 and my ticket no is 10132535074. I have also not received any call from Act team regarding my issue. I doubt if at all my issue will be resolved. I can only say that Act service as pathetic. I regret to be associated with Act for last 5 year’s. I hope my ticket would be resolved at the earliest. Customer care escalation manager in Hyderabad had promised me that he will give a call back to check if the issue is resolved. It is surprising for me that the manager gave a dam care to that promise. I hope this complaint will be taken care at the earliest.


Never Trust Hyundai.. They cheat customers and do fraud with customers..
This words has been fixed in my mind with very bad experience from your Dealer and company. With lots of dreams and expectations, I had sold my old wagon r car and had decided to purchase my Dream car Hyundai Creta. But at present I feel that that was the biggest mistake of my life. I have been very disappointed by your dealer. They had not only cheated me but also waste my time and plays with the life of my family and our emotions. Brief details of the case are as follow.
I have applied for Test drive of Hyundai creta through online. Actually my office address is at Anjar and the distance between Hyundaiâs showroom and of my office is around 5 K.M. After booking for test-drive, No one from Anjar showroom has come to me for test drive but after two to three days, your sales representative from Bhuj Show room which is approx 40 k.m. from my office has came to me for Test drive. I had taken Test drives of different models and as on 23/06/2018, I had book Hyundai Creta 1.4 E+ white colour and informed them that tentative date of deliver would be in First week of August if possible because of my daughterâs Birth day. Dealer has also committed me to provide some complimentary accessories and will provide Tyres of Apollo or Bridge stone as would be available. I have got sanctioned my loan as on 02.08.2018 as per pre decided schedule. I had demanded for self insurance from the dealer for my car or asked them to provide Insurance of TATA AIG with the addons demanded by me. Earlier they had denied to provide self insurance and also denied to provide Insurance of TATA AIG as dealer has no tie up with that. After contacting to customer care, they had ready to allow self insurance but denied to provide complimentary accessories. In short they donât want to waive their commission.
I had let go all the things and decided to take insurance from your company. You would be surprised to know that till morning of 03rd August, 2018, I didnât know that whether I would received my car or not. After 11.00 a.m. my sales person from bhuj had told me that he would be there after 12.00 p.m. and asked me to come to show room. I had visited your Anjar showroom with my friends. As I had got booked car from bhuj Kutch and was getting delivery from Anjar â Showroom, I fell like I had committed big mistake and reached to Pakistan from India. Everything was because of Target of the officers. Your representatives had told me that car is ready for delivery. I found that there were tyres of Good year and I had asked them to replace the same. They had denied the same and said that in E+ model, we could not replace the tyres. As again I had also accepted the same. I had asked sales person to fit complimentary accessories and complete all documents requirements. As we were waiting for our family members for âPOOJA CEREMONYâ near the car, your one of the sales representative explains the car features to prospected customers. After some time, that prospected customers sit in the car and your representative was sit on back side seat and they were ready for Test drive in the car standing at the delivery point. You can check the same from CCTV footage available at your dealerâs premises. We all were very surprised that we are waiting for our family members for POOJA CEREMONY and your executives were ready for test drive of the said car. We had asked them for not to use that car for test drive purpose.
I am very surprised that how a big company like Hyundai can use brand new car for test drive purpose. As per policy, company has to use Demo car for test drive purpose. When they had asked us that they had taken insurance of the car we had got delivery of the car on Friday, 03rd August 2018 after 6.30 p.m. and had signed all the documents as provided by your dealer without reading in details as we were already very late and didnât get a lunch also. As on Saturday, around 6.30 p.m., when I had visited your showroom for submission of Demand Draft for the balance payment, I had asked them for invoice copy and Insurance copy. I was very surprised that when I had asked them for Insurance copy and standing at their counter, I had received greetings message from Reliance Insurance Company for choosing them as insurance partner. When I had checked the policy documents I found that insurance had been started from 04th August, 2018 at 06.51 p.m. It means I was driving my car for more than 24 hours without insurance. Means your dealer and your company is clearly playing with the life of the customers for just their commission as they had not allowed me to take self insurance nor took insurance up to 24 hours from the time of the delivery of the car.
On Monday, I had received some pictures of my car before delivery date which had been captured from your dealerâs premises. Actually, they had tried to sale that car to another customer who was my friend as on 02nd August 2018 but after seeing the condition of that car, he had denied taking delivery of that car. After washing the said car, they had sold me that used car. Pictures which I had attached with this mail clearly show that car was roughly used by someone before sales. It means they had cheated me and sold used car as a new car. As we are middle class family bought such a costly car with highly expectations and emotions, but your dealer and officers have played with our emotions as well as our family safety. I had made complained to your dealer and asked them to provide all the track records of my car from date of delivery from the Plant till the date of delivery to me with all the CCTV footage at dealerâs premises but they had denied the same. After that I had decided that I would park that car at your Delaerâs premises and would file a suit against your company as well as dealer for cheating me and selling me used car as a new car and taking insurance after 24 hours of delivery of the car. Really it was a very bad experience for me and I would fight till replacement of that used car with new one.
Thanks & regards

Pizza Hut Pizza specification not delivered as requested

I ordered 2 Veggie Supreme + 1 Pepsi through telephonic call at Pizza Hut, Bengaluru (080-30246398) on 11th August 2018 at 09:44 PM. The store which delivered the Pizza was Pizza Hut, Devyani, (Soul Space Arena Mall), Marathalli, Bengaluru. I specifically mentioned and requested them to make sure pizza is made with as LESS cheese as possible and this was repeated again and again while placing the order. Also, a request for sending more Oregano and Chilly Flakes was made. However, I received Pizzas completely full of cheese and deformed in shape along with no extra oregano and chilly flakes. I could still manage without oregano but cheese was one major concern for us and I specifically repeated again and again to make it with less cheese. I called on the same number 3 times to specify this concern but the executives always placed me on unending hold. Such non-professional and non-nonsensical attitude has definitely lost my respect for Pizza Hut, Bengaluru and I do not think I! can ever think of ordering their pizza in future.


Dear sir,
I am booked in train ticket on IRCTC. Debited payment for my account but not provided service from IRCTC.i am check in IRCTC website there intimated massage for payment pending in bank end so please solve this problem for me
A/C NO : 20373122628

Transaction ID 1 : 100001378690509

Transaction ID 2 : 100001380394279

TRANSACTION DATE : 31.07.2018 & 01.08.2018

Thanks and regards

about over constructions About construction over drains and road

Dear sir
I am telling about illegal and over loading constructions

I live in lucknow at ( DS COLONY SITAPUR ROAD YOJANA JANKIPURAM SEC C) Mention to DS-248 and its neighbours SIR
In this colony mostly homes are over constructed and build the top of first floor over the drains and roads which create many problems like as in the flow of water which can create a lot of danger to citizens/children of colony where children play and some houses are in very poor condition which can collapse any time.
This is an important road of our colony which connected to the main road of city. All citizens of our colony are connected by this road.
So i am requested you to please pay attention to my complain and take action as soon as possible.