MUNICIPAL CORPORATION KHARAR Construction of open sewage pond by MC Kharar

MC kharar is creating an open pond for sewage and untreated water of Kharar town at Niashahar Badala near Indus Public School.
The above action is violates the pollution and water act of 1974 and Punhab sewage and water board 1976 and amendments there after.
The Mc is creating this pond without Notification and sanction from Punjab sewage and water board. Our objection is that our underground water will get polluted resulting in complete Kharar under ground water into a pool of sewage water due to percolation as pond is unlined and uncovered. More over this will result in slugging of soil and road to school and two villages and adjoining colonies. The roads will be damaged more over open water collected will result in malaria and diseases.
This untreated water was being sent to syl canal where all fishes died due to pollution and same water if it pollutes our water table its going to cause a major health problems like cancer as in Bhatinda. We urge the Punjab govt, SDM Kharar , DC Mohali and EO Kharar to kindly stop this crime against humanity by polluting our drinking water which is life line to residents of Kharar. SDM and DC Mohali has been given a letter to this affect and people of Badali village and Niashahar are protesting the same.

Road Conditions Roads are damaged from more than 6 months

I am traveling since August 2019 from Kaushambi to Noida sector 6 via Ghazipur Murga Mandi and Mayur Vihar Phase -3 but the road conditions are getting worst day by day and no steps have been taken till now and now it’s dangerous to travel. Vehicles are also getting damage because of traveling through to this Road.

DTDC Courier Services Delay and mishandling of Consignment

I booked my consignment with DTDC services, Opp. Dr.Vivek Jain Hospital, Near HDFC ATM, Model Town, Rewari, Haryana 123401 on 8th Jan 2020, they booked without check service location in sending address and for make money.After 16 days, they call me to collect my consignment form their office, when I ask to return the consignment to my address, they refuse and threat to throw my consignment in dustbin.
I am clueless and badly affected by their horrible and terrible services, many times I call them, but they refuse to answer. Please help to solve this issues.

Virar Nagari fraud Virar Nagari fraud

Virar Nagari fraud
I had booked at Flat in Virar Nagri a project by Crystal Homecon Pvt Ltd
I paid RS. 300000/- down payment for 1bhk Flat, I received the allotment letter also from them. but then known about the fraud and lodge the compliment in Palghar police station but still no feedback even after lots of follow up. Hope this compliant board can help me to get my hard earn money back.

Please help..


department of Town & Country planning of Himachal Pradesh regarding fee deduction

I made a payment mode by online challan through HDFC Netbanking, but it is still showing pending status application fee in Department of Town & Country Planning Himachal Pradesh.

Rs. 19,189.90 from Account no. 03871000002270 to BilldkStateBankColle via Net Banking

Please resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Raman Sharma

DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL Principal behavior and action

Dear sir
I am pankaj kumar singh, my ward Ayush kumar singh has appeared in admission test for std. 1 , in DAV CANTT AREA GAYA. But school has rejected my ward on the basis of overage, in this regard ,i have produced birth certificate issued by competent authority.
In this case , principle had denied to accept birth certificate which is legal document from govt. of india. Principle had started loose talk which was not acceptable . We don’t expect such humiliating behavior from such person / school. And her action is also offensive can lead to legal proceeding. We want concrete decision from your end. We will happy to hear from you.

Sincerely yours
Pankaj kumar singh
Gaya , Bihar
Mob- 9934392602

gsrtc gujarat The driver and conductor were not allowed to sit on the vacant seat in the bus and misbehaved.

દિવà«àª¯àª¾àªàª વà«àª¯àªà«àª¤àª¿àª¨à« બસમાઠàªàª¾àª²à« પડà«àª² સà«àª પર ડà«àª°àª¾àªàªµàª°àª¶à«àª°à« àªàª¨à« àªàªàª¡àªà«àªàª°àª¶à«àª°à«àª બà«àª¸àªµàª¾àª¨à« àªàªà«àª¯àª¾àª¨àª¾ àªàªªà« àªàª¨à« àªàª°àª¾àª¬ વરà«àª¤àª¨ àªàª°àªµàª¾àª®àª¾àª àªàªµà«àª¯à«àª. àªà«àª§àª°àª¾
બસ નàªàª¬àª° GJ 18 Z 3271
રà«àª : સàªàª¤àª°àª¾àª®àªªà«àª° થૠવડà«àª¦àª°àª¾ àªà«àª§àª°àª¾ ડà«àªªà«
àªàªàª¡àªà«àªàª°àª¨à«àª નામ વà«. àªà«. પàªà«àª², બà«àª¸ નàªàª¬àª°: 9957 તારà«àª 20, àªàª¾àª¨à«àª¯à«àªàª°à«, 2020

મારૠનામ મિતà«àª¶ àªà«. હà«àª àªàª દિવà«àª¯àª¾àªàª àªà«àª. હà«àª તારà«àª 20, àªàª¾àª¨à«àª¯à«àªàª°à«, 2020 ના રà«àª àªàªªàª°à«àªà«àª¤ બસમાઠમà«àª¸àª¾àª«àª°à« àªàª°à« રહà«àª¯à« હતૠતૠદરમà«àª¯àª¾àª¨ બસમાઠસà«àª àªàª¾àª²à« થતા મà«àª તà«àª¯àª¾àª બà«àª¸àªµàª¾ àªàª¯à« તૠàªàª¾àª²à« પડà«àª² સà«àª પર ડà«àª°àª¾àªàªµàª°àª¶à«àª°à« àªàª¨à« àªàªàª¡àªà«àªàª°àª¶à«àª°à« ઠમનૠàªàª¾àª²à« સà«àª પર બà«àª¸àªµàª¾ દà«àª§à«àª² નહà«àª તૠàªàªà«àª¯àª¾àª તà«àª®àª¨à« àªàª¾àª£à«àª¤à« વà«àª¯àªà«àª¤àª¿àª¨à« બà«àª¸àª¾àª¡à« àªàª¨à« મારૠસાથૠàªàª°àª¾àª¬ વરà«àª¤àª¨ àªàª°àªµàª¾àª®àª¾àª àªàªµà«àª¯à«àª.
મારા àªà«àªµàª¾àª°àª¾ તà«àªàª¨à« ફરિયાદ બà«àª માàªàªàª¤àª¾ તà«àªàª àªàªªàªµàª¾àª¨à« ના પડà«àª² àªàª¨à« àªà« àªàª°àªµà«àª હà«àª¯ તૠàªàª°à« લà«. સરàªàª¾àª°àª તારા àªà«àªµàª¾àª¨à« બà«àª¸àªµàª¾àª¨à« àªàªà«àª¯àª¾ નથૠàªàªªà«. àªàª®à« àªà«àª¨à« બà«àª¸àª¾àª¡àªµàª¾ હશૠતà«àª¨à« બà«àª¸àª¾àª¡à«àª¶à«àª.
àªàªàª¤à« મà«àª તà«àªàª¨à« àªà«àª§à«àª હà«àª વિડિઠàªàª¤àª¾àª°à«àª àªà«àª હવૠબà«àª²à« તà«àª¯àª¾àª°à« તà«àª ઠબà«àª²àªµàª¾àª¨à«àª àªàª¨à« મારૠàªà«àª¡à« àªàª°àª¾àª¬ વરà«àª¤àª¨ àªàª°àªµàª¾àª¨à«àª બàªàª§ àªàª°à«àª¯à«àª.
âàªà« àªàª°à«àªàª° àªàª પà«àª°àªàª¾àª°àª¨à« àªàªàª¨àª¾ દરà«àª દિવà«àª¯àª¾àªàª વà«àª¯àªà«àª¤àª¿ àªà«àª¡à« થતૠહà«àª¯ તૠમનૠલાàªà« àªà« àªà« દરà«àª બસમાઠદિવà«àª¯àª¾àªàª માàªà« નૠસà«àª લàªàªµàª¾àª¨à«àª બàªàª§ àªàª°à« દà«àªµà«àª àªà«àªàª àªà«àªàª¾ વાયદા ના àªàª°àªµàª¾ àªà«àªàª.â
તમારા àªàª°à«àª®àªàª¾àª°à«àªàª મà«àª¸àª¾àª«àª° àªà«àª¡à« સારà«àª વરà«àª¤àª¨àª¥à« વાત àªàª°àªµà« àªà«àªàª àªàª°àª¾àª¬ વરà«àª¤àª¨ ના થવà«àª àªà«àªàª.
હà«àª àªàªª શà«àª°à« યà«àªà«àª¯ નà«àª¯àª¾àª¯ àªàªªàª¶à« àªàª¨à« àªàªµà«àª àªàª°àª¾àª¬ વરà«àª¤àª¨ બà«àªàª¾ àªàª¨à«àª¯ દિવà«àª¯àª¾àªàª વà«àª¯àªà«àª¤àª¿àª àªà«àª¡à« ના થાય તà«àªµà« રàªà«àªàª¤ àªàª°à«àª àªà«àª. લà«. મિતà«àª¶ મà«. 8153056620