UNAUTHORIZED WATER PLANT Unauthorized water plant

We live in Pondugala Village, Mylavaram Mandal,Krishna District,Andhrapradesh-521230 . This is OUR request for you to please take necessary actions on the person (Prathi Purna s/o Prathi Srinu)who
is running water plant illegally and drains away 40,000 to 50,000 liters per day, at the same time they wasted water in same quantity. Running water plant without permission and causing severe damage to the general public and also they are operating their business in a domestic area in the middle of the colony. They are misusing the groundwater in the colony and selling the water cans and started an illegal business. Moreover, the water is being wasted where at the other end our colony has suffered from the scarcity of water and WATER LEVEL WENT DEEP DOWN. All the Borewells in the colony are dried up. Please look into the issue and take necessary actions on them.

kolkata bus Fair related at barasat bgarden bus t morning

Today i was traveling at barasat bgarden bus and my destination was axis mall .bus wb25f 3273. For hike of oil travel fair hike by govt 1 rs every stage .
But the issue is today morning this bus want 5rs extraa on per stage ..every body protest .they are bus stop at narkelbagan more and from there some unknown mussel man called the conductor and harras us by physicaly ..pls step against this type of dada giri

Railwire Slow speed internet

A no. of times I have complained about the slow speed of internet. I am paying for FUP 125 Mbps monthly whereas I am getting only below 50Mbps. I have taken the matter into notice a no. of times to the authority. Everytime I complaint they say to switch the modem off for 5 minutes and on. Then the speed will be correct. But nothing happened. The speed is same. The authority is mocking as they saying to swtich off the modem. Kindly take the matter and do the needful in this regard or else kindly take steps to refund the amount equal to the speed.

Bharat Gas Cylinder not received but message shows it was delivered 2 days back

Dear sir,
I’ve booked a cylinder on 6th june, booking no 9030, cash memo no 12799. My distributor is SAFE COOK BHARAT GAS. Till now I’ve not received any cylinder but on 21st june of this month I received a message saying that my cylinder was delivered. And this is 4th time same happened to me. Last time they said it will not happen again. They also demand rupees 20-40 extra to deliver the cylinder at home. They also don’t bring any weight machine. Please help me to find the solution. And please find those guy who are selling cylinders in black market.

Sab tv – tarak mehta ka ulta chashma Stop showing Taarak Mehta the entire day

Please stop showing Taarak Mehta the entire day on Sab TV as well as Sony Pal. The kids in our house don’t let us watch any other program. We have byhearted the dialogues of each episode that is aired uptil now. So please stop relaying these old episodes continuously.
If you want then, please show 2 old episode per day. But don’t play it continuously.