AIRTEL DIGITAL TV Defrauding customer by misrepresentation

while going for monthly recharge I was offered by AIRTEL DIsh Tv by an SMS to opt for 3 months +7 days at a price of Rs.901/- instead of my regular monthly charges of RS.364/-..Since the scheme seemed to be lucrative I opted for that on 22/05/2018. However, I now find that they have deactivated some of channels which I used to enjoy. On taking up the matter with the customer care cell at Kolkata I was candidly told that henceforth I am required to pay additional amount @ RS.65/- per channel/per month which I used to enjoy earlier. Is it not a jugglery of words/ misrepresentation of vital facts? I was offerred by AIRTEL and accordingly I availed the same. Now they are demanding additional charges. How can we trust such a big corporate house. despite my best efforts I could not contact their central Customer Care Cell.
AIRTEL DISH TV ID no. 3017973498

Achintya Banerjee


We SCIPUS INFOTECH hoding a current account at SOUTH INDIAN BANK,ANCHAL has denied us the MUDRA LOAN.LAKHS of transactions are been doing through this bank in the name of our company.Please find a solution for this problem as this loan is for business development from the government.
thanking you
email:[email protected]

cars cars parked on the road

hello sir,
I am Abha Sagar, residing –
in ,bapdev nagar, 2nd road
near gaikwad nursery
dehu road,Pune-412101

Respected Sir,
There are around 10 cars parked on the road there is lot of problem to drive vehicles. Some are lying around from years.
The owners are not removing after many humble requests. Because of that common people are affected. Please take strict action to remove the cars.
Thank You

Dept of Food-Karnataka HOTEL AJANTHA ,S R RD

i had gone to mysore on some work ..Mysore is a tourist place lots of visitors throng in and leave .. hence they are dependent on hotel food . this is taken advantage of by a hotel here ,name ajantha off sayyaji rao rd , off SBI sayyaji rao rd Mysore ..i must have gone in to hotel by 2-30 and 3 pm,i was hungry …. i ordered a plate of poori ,what i got was after nearly half an hour of waiting or more ,a plate of poori which looked like batuura dough mixed with wheat floor …. i am food and nutrition masters ……with that he had given a thin curry !! Instead of saagu ,palya or kurma ….. i knew he was playing foul of left overs mix and match , instead of telling me that the item is not there , ………………………..then i asked for something better side dish ….. and he got v minute cup of potato palya ….later i asked for second serving of palya as it was not enough he got me beet root palya or some meal -side -dish!! i rejected it , by then pooris wh!
ich were not steaming hot but rather medium hot , had turned cold , by then the server tells “urgent madam eat quickly “and then he got me cold cooked aalu with turmeric and salt mixed , it was unbearably bad and stale …………my opposite lady was eating a double roasted dosa which had turned black sorrowfully , another lady at side table was eating white colored masala dosa made , it was a mess by hotelier to adjust the menu ..somehow …at last he charged me 40 rs / i paid him and i questioned his poor services …he said he had no enough staff ……..i insisted on answer for his bad servings –BUT ,he raised verbal abuse on me in a derogatory fashion to mock me…"GO leave i have license for 60 years no one can stop me ,I don’t have enough staff at hotel ,GO !! ."…. as a lady and professional in food- sc and nutrition ..i reverted later …for causing mockery ……..i had to stand up for myself at last ….. the leg room and hand space is ! nil but he gets in lots of customers , staff who run up and d!
own as we eat , around with their uniform being touched on to the table food , and when customers walk around too in congested space touching on food table …. With low staff then such a place wd be bound to be affected in sanitation hygiene leave alone services ..This place needs a pull up by surprise visit at this hour 2-30 – 3 pm by inspectors ..u wd know better sir , …………as a food sc and health – professional myself ,that I introduced myself at bill desk after paying bill , he the owner hardly cared to answer .and asked me to quit -out with arrogance … and this place needs a pull up by food inspector raids please…does not comply with food snitation health and safety acts ,inspect the place HOTEL AJANTHA off SR rd ,Mysore 1

Ncert physics book class 12 Equations without signs and incomplete prints

This is to kindly inform you that the ncert book physics for class 12 is replete with incomplete prints, the equations do not have the ‘=’, ‘Ã’, ‘+’, ‘_’ signs in the book. This makes it pretty difficult for the students to follow the book and rely on it,thus making it a necessity to use alternate books instead of sticking to just one book.It is a sheer waste of time as well as money.It is possible that a student would be able to anticipate the signs and rest of the content in most of the cases, but if there is any slight error, this may lead to many consequent errors and wrong learning which not only hampers the board results but also makes the’ foundation of science’ weak. Thus the students may fail to live up to the expectations of the nation and may even malign the image of CBSE.
Moreover if this continues, NCERT books will lose its sanctity and the trust of students and teachers.
So it is a humble request to the the board to kindly rectify all such errors and ensure that the students get the best Yours truly

abc Urination infront of home

Dear sir,
I stay in ward 2 just behind Naveen Hospital Dadri. Problem is that people staying around and working on shops are urinating in front of my house.
Many times it is objected by us but it seems that no one understanding the problem.
If iron net placed by a shop called Vashi Vastra bhandar which provides a corner to facilitate urination and owner of that shop himself is also doing the same.
Here matter is that these people can not be convence to stop ,only some displine action can only do.
It is requested to provide a helping hand to stop it and maintain cleanliness around of that place is attached herewith. Thanks
Ps Rawal
Ward-2, Just behind Naveen Hospital
Dadri, Gautam Buddha Nagar.

Vodafone post to prepaid conversion not done

Dear Sir

I use vodafone postpaid from more than a year , i paid averagely 500 to 600 rs every month.
i want to change my connection form post paid to prepaid in vodafone .
i registered a request on 199 customer care no .

they told visit to out nearest store to do further formalities .
at AKOLA store i give all the necessory document to ex Nilesh along with i paid all the outstanding amount and extra payment also .
they commited that with in 48 hours the number is converted in to prepaid service .
but my post to pre request not submitted. on 12th maywhrenmy connection not convert in to prepaid i talk to call center , they said
no request is made by store so i talked with store incharge Miss Kalyani she said that it will done in next two day and she admitted
that due to wrong tagging or not tagging by the store executive Nilesh it was pending .
still my postpaid connection is not convertin to prepaid .

now today when i again visit to the store they told pay till date rental . my question that it is not fare that this types of services given by vodafone company . because of their mistakes my connection is not convert in to prepaid then why shoul i pay till date rental already i paid extra payment .store staff neither give me in written letter y they did not process my request nor they talk in proper manner …
this is very poor service from vodafone , if employee not done his job then why customer should suffer because of casual services .
i m not pay a single rs to the company becausei did all on 7th May 2018.
my no is :9822566299

Wajid Iqbal

Branch Manager

Om Parkash Thakar Electricity Theft

This is to bring into your notice that resident of Block No. 7 House No. 105 ( 7/105 ) Malviya Nagar, New Delhi – 110017, Behind Narang Chemist.
They have a switch on 1st floor which they remove in evening so that there electricity meter stops and can use heavy electric items like AC Heaters Gysers Etc and in morning again before going to office they put that switch back so that electricity meter start working.they are doing this practice from last 8 to 10 years.i have given complaints in Nehru Place office but no action is been taken till date and we are paying heavy bill every month.
I would request you to please take some action against them or else now i will go to higher authorities and will not keep quiet.

Malviya Nagar Residence Welfare.