Fake job offer and fraud of depositing money around 91400

Sir, i have uploaded my resume at once i received call from shine to update resume and asking some rupee. i transected 1500+5500+11800+24800+24800+23000 = 91400 by instruction of shine executive. I have all call details of that person. phone number, bank account, transaction details and transaction proof. kindly help me sir. otherwise ill suicide. my contact number 7838923842

Zee Marathi Tula Pahte Re

I am an NRI Marathi, still attached to Mai Marathi. I watch Zee Marathi on Sling TV. I started watching this "Tula Pahte Re " Serial and it became apparent that apart from "love has no age limits" – is there any other message the viewers should take form this serial ?
20 Yr Girl is in Love with 42 Yr old Guy – and the Guy is Corp Guy, Rich bla bla bla.
And on the other side, the Girl is not even Graduate (studying ?), had really poor conditions, good and struggling Parents, Father is serious financial debt etc etc and despite all this she starts with a 42 Yr Guy ?
Is there a purpose that Girl is having – get rich and get rid of all money problems ? Is that the shortcut every 20/25 Yr old grirl should take ? – Is that the message from this story ?
What should the viewers do – get happy and clap for this ? Seriously ?
I have only 1 question to all the people related to this disaster serial – WILL YOU ALLOW YOUR DAUGHTER OR SISTER TO BEHAVE LIKE THIS ?
Be honest and I am sure the answer is the 2 letter word 🙂
Other viewers – pls. comment or thrash my comments.

phed जल आपूर्ति लाइन में अबैध छिद्र

प्रार्थी निवेदन करता है क़स्बा खेरली तेह. कठूमर वार्ड नं. 15 में श्रीमान अशोक कुमार जैन ने जल आपूर्ति पाइपलाइन में अपने रसूख का इस्तेमाल करके अबैध तरीके से छिद्र किया हुआ है जिसकी वजह से पानी लाइन में सुचारू रूप से आगे नही बढ़ पाता है प्रार्थी अनुरोध करता है की कृपा जांच कर इस समस्या से निजात दिलाई जाये।

Texcity Redbus Poor service during the travel

I was travelling from cbe – blore on 16-12-2018 3:00pm ..Had worst experience with texcity they are proving day by day the worst travels .. bothering customers by not maintaining their Volvo buses..bus got break down near salem and after some 1 1/2 hour they sent a new bus which was completely a mess bcoz it wasn’t actually a bus at all .. atleast they sent a message saying that they will refund 150/ RS .. I don’t want money I want some strict actions to be taken on the texcity travels and redBus also …