LG Electronics Irresponsible behaviour from Lg and its Service Center Sri Sai Electronics Hyderabad

This is Faiz I purchased Air conditioner on 25.02.19 and installation is completed on 01.03.19.on 21.03.19 the air conditioner automatically leaked and I complaints on 22.03.19 having complaints no RNP############ regarding this.due to irresponsible behaviour from LG till now problem not solved.on 22.03.19 Sri Sai electronic call me and told me this area not belongs to me after that they transfer the call to other LG service centre than from their call is come and told me we are not install your air conditioner Sri Sai electronic hyderabad person is come to install Air conditioner of your after that when I contact them no one receive call and after that I contact LG toll free no they provide two no one service centre no and another customer officer no name Sidharth he also not received call after continues call to sidharth he receive call i told all thing happen after sometime from service center call is came and the lady told me sir technician is go to your home and check !
it the issue in that time i told please told your technician to come with gas to fill but the technician not come with gas.after coming to my home gas is not there to fill he told i come on 24th morning and i fillup your air conditioner gas.i told why you not do today as we are facing issue he told today not possible. this all is happen on 23rd 11.30 am. again i call to lg service center she told me after one installation of air conditioner technician come and do the gas filling but no one came.i also told to that lady technician told me he come on sunday morning and sunday is holiday, she told me sir sunday is working as this is the season.from morning i call to lg service center, technician, owner, lg customer officer no one pickup lastly i call to lg toll free no but not proper resolution given to me.

i never expect this types of service from LG.i take legal action against you as with in 24days of purchase air conditioner this issue happens.

I can’t tolerate this types of irresponsible behaviour from Lg Service Center Sri Sai Electronics Hyderabad, Lg Customer Officer Siddharth, Lg Service Center Technician Imran. I take Legal Action On Lg regarding This issue.



Applicant. Raj Bahadur Chavhan. At mandhal po devhadi tah tumsar dist bhandara mo. no 9764794385
Sai Motors Tumsar Yaha se Date. 27/02/2019 ko pulser 180f bick kharedi kiyethe. jis din kharedi kiye usi din se bick problem aa raaha he. Jab hamne Bick Showroom ke bahar bick nikale uske 1 KM. pr Bick Problem Aaya tha. Tab hi hamane Sai Motors Tumsar inko coll Kiye. unhone usi samay bick ko showrrom me lekar aao aum mai problem solve karta hu. dikhane ke bad unhone problem solve ho gaya aise bole. Uske bad ham vahase bick lekar ghar ke tarf nikale. 3 KM jane ke bad firse vahi problem chalu huaa. fir hamne sai motor tumsar inko or contact kiye. contact karne ke bad unhone aj k din adjest karlo aisa bole. 2nd day firse hamne sai motors tumsar yaha par bick dikhaye. to bhi bick ka problem solve nahi hua. fir unhone hame R N Bajaj bhandara yaha dikhane bole. vaha jane ke bad problem solve ho gaya aisa bole fire hamane vahase ghar jate jate vahi problem suru huaa. uske bad hamne R N Bajaj Bhandara yaha pr 3 se 4 bar bick dikhaya fir bi bick ka problem solve nahi huaa. uske bad hamne Bajaj Auto Ltd. me complaint darj kiye. tab bhi hame kuch Reply nahi mila. Complaint ki reqarment Appse nahi jamti hogi to ham aageki Karvahi Karenge.

SBI INVESTMENT INTERMEDI. Deducted 885 rupees (295*3) in one day

My self Priyanka my a/c no ****819634 SBI investment intermedi has debited my amount on "24/03/19" i.e, 295 rupees 3 times in gap between 2 hours. I don’t understand one thing here without my permission how can you debit amount from my account. I know that we should maintain minimum balance in our account if not you will debit somewhere around 300/- its k if you debit that 300/- only why you debit more than 300/- from my account. Keeping money in hands is not safe so we secure amount in banks. If you people are stealing our amount in front of our eyes where should we secure. That to sending a message that " i have stealed this much from you’re account shame on you guys. We are educated so we can raise complaints or anything. Most of the people in villages are using SBI accounts only ( Because postboxes are less than SBI banks in our country) what about them.

V15 Engine problem

I have purchased the bike Bajaj V-15 in July 2016
Now one problem is occurred in bike.
One sound is generated from bike engine.
I have visit the Bajaj service center Gopal Traders but he is saying that this is out of warranty period. Now two years is over so there is no warranty of bike engine.
But at the time of purchase agency is saying that 05 years warranty for bike engine.

So request you to kindly look my problem and provide the solution for engine repairing.

Thanks & Regards
Mithun Kumar