Documents on 12 jun 2018, Blue dart AWB No 39927570325 was booked from mumbai to Chandigarh at coloba Mumbai with assurance and delivery time as 14 jun 2018. Document not being delivered on 14 jun The customer care was contacted several time on 15 Jun at 1209hrs,,,,1215hrs,,, 1218hrs,, 1719hrs,,1722hrs and it was assured that package will be delivered on 15 jun. in evening when customer care was contacted it was told to collect the package from sector 8 , chandigarh office as they are unable to deliver at this time or you have to wait till next day.As it was important document required on 16 Jun early morning in court of law , immediately office in sector 8 , chandigarh was approached after reaching office at 1800hrs it was told by office staff that they no instruction from customer care , when again approached customer care it was told by sector 8 ,chandigarh office to come after 2 hours . after 2 hours when sector 8 chandigarh contacted they showedthere in ability to giv!
e the package as baggage according to them was not sourted out. This resulted in huge loss of money and time as documents could not be submitted in time . kindly look as oyherwise same has to procced through court of law.

Addison group Took 7500 telling they give job in wipro Bangalore

Sonia from Addison group Mumbai called me and said you are shortlisted for wipro. We have openings. You pay 1600 and then attend test.I paid 1600 through my mobile tez app. I passed test .they said pay 6900 then telephonic round will be there after that you will get offer letter. I paid 6900 also. They again called and said we will connect to wipro ,somebody spoke like a wipro person and took telephonic interview. Next day they called me and said you have to pay 12000 as security deposit to get offer letter.I said first send offer letter after joining I can pay you 12000. But they are not giving offer letter or my money back . now they are escaping by not receiving call and telling lies. Please help me in getting back my money I have proof of payments,call recordings.thank you

self debited amount from my account without booking ticket

I have try to book the ticket on 13/6/2018 through IRCTC website and payment made through INDIAN BANK netbanking. Amount debited from my account Rs 6167.80 but ticket not booked. Again I was try to booked on 14/6/2018 , same happen Rs.6167.80 has been debited from my account but ticket not booked. But yet now amount not credited in my aacount (total amount Rs.12,335.60) Reference of Bank transaction Nos
1.Tech process-543103078 Net banking Ref- 1249027154 dated-13-06-2018 6.55pm
2.Tech process-543666502 Net banking Ref-1249678730 dated-14-06-2018 1.01pm

Bajaj Avenger 220 Worst service experience and insolent customer support

Last week on 14th June 2018, I put my bike Bajaj Avenger 220 for service at SHIVAM BAJAJ, PATAN. When I got my bike after front suspension work, it was imbalanced and ideally pushing in the left direction. So I request the service advisor to short out this issue. He replied to me that bike is in perfect condition there is no issue like that and was not ready to accept that there is any problem of imbalance. So leave that place and mailed a complaint on "[email protected]".
Today I got a call from him saying visit service center once we will talk about it. when I reach there, the services in charge, Mr. Patel handover me a piece of paper to sign when I declined and said first resolve my problem only after that I will sign on it. That insolent man replied me that your bike is in worst condition you must replace half of its parts for better condition. when I argue him, I was driving with bad suspensions since last one month at that time I did not have any balancing issue now as suspension are intake then, the bike is having a huge issue of imbalance, so don’t try to fool me.
Here comes the rudest reply from him saying do whatever you want to do mail to Bajaj as many times as you want I am not gonna solve your problem. That is why I am writing this complaint so that they can learn how not to behave with the customer. I am not going to tolerate this behavior. Bajaj has appointed this service centers so that we can have good care of our valuable bikes and these people are the only car for selling new bikes and do not give a damn about after sale service. So please take some meaningfull action regarding this issue.
Meet Suthar.
([email protected])

caste validity scrutiny committee aurangabad(MS) issue cast validity certificate

good afternoon sir
i submit all necessary document for cast validity certificate dated on 02./01/2018
at parbhani office but this office has not issue cast validity certificate yet
my son Abhishek Subhash Dhule has complited 12 science this now he want to engineeting cource for admission we require cast validity cetificate up to 19/06/2018 otehr wise he is not benificial of OBC cast .
so i request you issue cast validity cettificate as early as possible from
Dr. subhash S Dhule
Government Law college, Charchgate, Mumbai

Hitachi 1.5 Ton AC Poor services never buy again


My name is Mohit kumar and my registered mobile number is 989992066 and house address h no. 19 channamal park east punjabi bagh 110026
On 24th april my split ac 1.5 ton got serviced and gas refilled by your engineers and after one month i was facing the gas leakage in the ac with low cooling and this is the third time my ac is not cooling.
I tried contacting and registered complaint to your customer care i received a call of an engineer today and he is saying contact the other service with which previously your ac services has been done we are from another service center. i have all the previous bills of servicing and gas refilling.
I think your all engineers are just trying to fool the customers and this is the third time i am facing no cooling issue that means your sevicemen workmanship is poor and i never expected this from a brand like hitachi. My complaint no. Is 18061702449

Chada Sukhunandan Reddy(Veterinary doctor greater hyderabad) Regarding illegal assets of Sukhunandhan Reddy chada

Income tax Raid Required

Name : Chada Sukhunandan Reddy ( Veterinary doctor Greater Hyderabad) Mob No: 9989930359 wife shashirekha mob no : 9848646169

Address : H.No: 4-114/a/3, Sai Chitra Nagar, Lane 3, Ramanthapur, Beside Hyderabad Public School, Hyderabad.
Name : Nyalakonda Srinivas Rao (Wife’s Father) Mob no: 9949649925
Address : Hno: 2-7-1018, kankadurga colony, subedari, Hanamkonda, Dist: Waranga Rural.

The Commissioner,
Income Tax, Hyderabad.

Sub: Regarding illegal assets of Sukhunandhan Reddy residing in H.No: 4-114/a/3, Sai Chitra Nagar Lane 3, Ramanthapur, Beside Hyderabad Public School, Hyderabad.
To bring your kind notice that Mr Sukhunandhan reddy working In Greater Hyderabad as veteran Doctor residing in H.No: 4-114/A/3, Sai Chitia Nagar Lane 3, Ramanthapur, Beside Hyderabad Public School, Hyderabad. It is a g+2 building. Opposite to this white colour building, which he illegally occupied land (cheruvu shikam)and constructed.
Beside Hyderabad public school lane he had another apartment.
He is having illegal assets more than his life time employment earnings.
Recently he constructed house in Chada village, opposite to raigiri village old bhuvanagiri District, now Yadhadri, which costs worth more than 2 crores.
You calculate all his 25 years salary which will not exceed 2 crores.

His son Mahanvith 23 years is a builder, who had discontinued, how his son got crores of money for purchasing land and constructing apartments. This 23 years guy donates to reddy girls hostel subedari, hanamkonda.
Some documents he kept in Nyalakonda Srinivas rao retired as forest officer’s (his wife’s father) house in 2-7-1018 kankadurga colony and in reddy hostel subedari, hanamkonda also.
He purchased 30 acres of agricultural land in chada village, Dist : Bhonagiri, other than his fathers property of 40 acres. Another 20 acres of land in bhongiri.

Recently his daughter got engaged he gave a dowry of 2 crore in advance and 2 kgs of gold. Total gold upto 10 kgs may be.
So, kindly pay attention to this matter and punish this corrupted officer.